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National Legal Professional Associates Successfully Assists Defense Teams in Making a Difference for a Wide Range of Convictions and Sentences

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National Legal Professional Associates Successfully Assists Defense Teams in Making a Difference for a Wide Range of Convictions and Sentences

July 23
19:56 2019

According to the United States Sentencing Commission Quarterly Data Report published in July 2019, the top 3 federal offenses registered across the U.S. were related to immigration (37.2%), drugs (26.4%) and firearms (11.7%). Given the current political and societal environment, these come as no surprise. Within this context, defendants and their legal teams have been navigating an uncertain environment where often more can be done to influence the sentencing decision.

The concept of external, specialized assistance to counsels is not new, however one team has been trailblazing the way in challenging the judicial process with hard facts and expert advice since the late 80s.

An extra helping hand for defense teams

The National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA) is a powerhouse of investigators, paralegals, and attorneys that has one of the most successful track records across the United States of aiding pre-indictment, pre-trial, pre-sentencing or post-conviction matters for the past 33 years. In a day and age of increased pressure, instability and leeway for legal interpretation, NLPA has been making a positive difference in the lives of thousands of people and their families.

“As we speak, a substantial number of cases related to immigration and drugs in particular are ongoing or just beginning. While most of us can agree this is a crisis under current immigration policies and facing with a spike in narcotics consumption and illegal drug trade, to us at NLPA it is evident for many of the cases unfairly sentenced, there is more that can be done. Our services are exclusively dedicated to providing research and assistance to counsels as members of the defense team. We have managed together to reduce sections to as much as 11 years, reinstate appeals, terminate deportations and even overturning a sentence all together. We are extremely proud of the support we can offer,” said an NPLA spokesperson.

Making a difference together

NLPA’s expertise spreads across local, state and federal courts, and thanks to their extensive network of former government agents, expert witnesses, former DEA and Secret Service agents, and more, they are perfectly positioned to make a difference. Collaboration is however key, and being able to effectively work with existing defense teams to understand the complexity and uniqueness of every case is one of the guiding principles of NLPA.

Anyone who would like to get in touch and find out more about how NLPA can help, is encouraged to contact them at (866) 663-7440 or via their website.

About National Legal Professional Associates (NLPA)

Founded back in 1986, NLPA has a long-standing heritage of successfully assisting licensed counsels in getting the very best outcomes for their clients. With an underlying commitment to making a difference for the better in the lives of those facing harsh sentences and their families, NLPA has a track record of success in pretrial, appeal, post-conviction, criminal cases, civil cases, federal drug cases, sentencing, immigration law or general law. 

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