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Yury Kunets: Composer of Sustainable Piano and Symphonic Music

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Yury Kunets: Composer of Sustainable Piano and Symphonic Music

January 30
17:39 2020

Yury Kunets is a famous Russian businessman, musician, producer, and composer. He discovered at an early age his passion and love of music, which he named as the innate musical aptitude. Yury confessed, he inherited it from his uncle, who taught him to learn music, and who inspired him to practice and enhance his talent for music.

Aside from that, Kunets started his compositions when he was studying in a public school. The band Impulsive Five in the late 80s used his compositions for them to release new songs. From 2004, he started his journey as a producer of several musical TV projects, and also collaborated with Maxim Kapitanovsky, author and director who produced has two musical films: Don’t Shoot the Musicians and Blame it all on the Beatles.

Working with Kirill Krastoshevsky and Mikhail Tanich brough Yury Kunets to composing excellent songs for several artists such as Mikhail Mien (Pesnyary band), and many more.

In 2011, to record and release new songs, he accumulated repertoires of the instrumental piece. With Christopher Alder – a Grammy awardee British producer and Lee Holdridge – an award-winning American conductor, he began to record series of symphonic music albums: a set of piano demos, recorded in Robert Irving’s Los Angeles studio. with lee holdridge as an arranger.

In the same year, he managed to release his first album entitled Renaissance. After that, he recorded new compositions in Warsaw by the end of 2014. After receiving positive reviews, Kunets decided to continue recording the series with Lee Holdridge and Christofer Alder. He worked with his colleagues featuring the Warsaw Philharmonic Choir and the Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra for his second album called Dedication. 

During the summer of 2019, Yury Kunets released his third and new album, Reflection. This album is expected to be patronized, especially by his fans and avid listeners who longed for his symphonies and classic compositions. “My music has a very lyrical character; I try to convey my view of life and my feelings. it is, so to speak, the result of my philosophical reflections, little stories about our existence surrounded by nature, which in turn is closely connected with our emotional being”, says Kunets on his album “Reflection”. 

Yury Kunets mentioned the songs in his album represent an aim to preserve his heritage, roots, and cultural spirit. Through his classics, he shares an impact to the listeners about what it is to be Russian letting his music speak for him. It serves as the mirror of his philosophical reactions, emotional being, and feelings in life. He uses his music to connect his listeners providing them with soulful melodies and symphonies.

Through his music, Kunets deserved a great outreach of his audience around the world. Aside from that, he also got many positive recensions, which helped his album to be more adaptive and effective. “The album starts off in a romantic way with the purely symphonic “Memories”, followed by “You”, which changes between contemplative and effervescent moments. The title piece “Reflection”, like the ones below, also features a piano melody. The mood swings from title to title, becomes more eventful (“Forest”), blooms In a big drama like in a Hollywood blockbuster (“Caprice”) and can also be happy and appear playful (“The Birth”).

 — Kulturfreak (online German musical observer)

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