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All-Source Bidding Can Help Consumers Save Money

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All-Source Bidding Can Help Consumers Save Money

February 04
04:24 2020
All-Source Bidding Can Help Consumers Save Money

In the energy realm, new trends are constantly emerging. It’s crucial for organizations in this industry to remain abreast of what is going on and to ensure they provide their customers access to the latest technology available. While many companies working in the energy sector are focused on resolving complaints related to service, it’s also necessary they begin working to provide more sustainable energy options for clients across their territory.

A trend that has emerged in recent years is all-source bidding. Unfortunately, there are some who are unaware of what this is or what it offers, including the possible money-saving benefits for customers. According to the Public Service Commission of South Carolina, besides saving money there are other benefits offered by all-source bidding, including reducing risks and offering new and innovative opportunities for advanced energy options. It’s crucial for individuals to learn more about all-source bidding, what it offers, and why it matters to see the potential.

Getting to Know All-Source Bidding

Utility systems today implement specific technologies to ensure all future demands of current and future electrical needs are met. Essentially, they have an on-site power plant for the type of energy that is provided. Today’s utility companies are doing one of two things in most cases. They are either buying their own or building their own.

All-source bidding is looking to change this. With this in place, a utility company or those in the utility industry will know what needs are customers have before they actually arise. Many wonder what the benefits of this will be; after all, the old saying goes, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. However, with this new methodology in place, it will be possible to minimize overall technology gaps, all while improving the customer delivery rate. For more information on how this can benefit communities, visit

Reducing the Cost of the Grid

The utilities that have already implemented the use of all-source bidding have already reported a much more affordable electrical grid. The technologies that are now in place are meeting the current needs, even if these needs were not expected or predicted. The areas that are already experimenting with this innovative method are achieving quality results that are continuing to provide more promising options for the future. These crowd leaders are also creating a viable model for other utilities across the country to follow to reap the same benefits. If you have questions about how you can save money using all-source bidding, you can go to to find help.

Increase the Market Competition

All-source bidding isn’t just about saving money. It’s also about technology. With the bidding process in place, those biding can provide an array of resources, solutions, and it will be the market that determines the winner. For many, this transparent interaction is much more preferred as many see it as an option that’s fairer than what they have used in the past.

Clearing the Hurdles

Remember, implementing all-source bidding isn’t something that can be adopted overnight. It is a complex process and one that will require time, effort, and work to implement it fully. However, once in place, the benefits that are possible are far superior to the time and effort that must be invested to get it in place.

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