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Traditional Massage Singapore is using holistic and natural treatments to help new mothers begin the journey of motherhood

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Traditional Massage Singapore is using holistic and natural treatments to help new mothers begin the journey of motherhood

February 07
21:45 2020
Traditional Massage Singapore is using holistic and natural treatments to help new mothers begin the journey of motherhood
Your Reliable Partner from Womb to Postpartum!

Singapore – Traditional Massage Singapore deals in providing the best spa treatment with friendly and professional service even in the comfort of one’s own home. Traditional Massage Singapore has set the bar much higher for Professional Prenatal & Post Natal Massage with the highest level of quality service for many years. The company pampers and cares for its customers at every step of their journey, through pregnancy and motherhood. With highly affordable rates, Traditional Massage Singapore goes above and beyond the expectations of its customers to offer them specifically tailored therapeutic experience so that the peaceful effects of massage linger with them for a longer period of time. Traditional Massage Singapore is one of the leading massage service providers in Singapore with a lot of credentials to its name. Some of them include Most Reliable and Trusted Brand, Certified & Experienced Therapist, Net-Prices with No Hidden Charges, Free Replacement of Therapist (if required), and, Guaranteed Arrival of Therapist. When you book a package with Traditional Massage Singapore, you actually sign up for one of the best life experiences that you can have on Earth.

Traditional Massage Singapore specializes in providing Pre Natal Massage for expectant mothers which provides an amazing experience giving mom-to-be much-needed relaxation. This massage focuses on the dramatic changes witnessed by a pregnant woman’s body & their special needs. Wellness of expectant mothers is very important! As a new mom-to-be, you would like to be physically, mentally & emotionally ready before the baby arrives. With your body facing so many physical changes with pregnancy, expectant mothers also go through muscle issues due to the extra weight of the baby they are carrying. So, prenatal care for expectant mothers is important & massage is one of the most important activities of this care. A prenatal massage provides an amazing experience giving mom-to-be much-needed relaxation.

A Prenatal Massage is not a luxury, but a vital component that ensures good health of both the mother and the baby. As pregnancy progresses & the uterus grows, the pelvis tends to rotate forward, increasing the lower back curve & stretching the abdominal muscles. Postural adjustments & weight gain both strain the muscles, ligaments & joints, creating fatigue, tightness & pain. Massage therapy techniques are helpful in providing relief on weight-bearing joints – alleviating tightness & pain in areas such as the lower back, hips, pelvis & ankles. You don’t get a break from pregnancy, so you need a lot of support along the way. Think of it as outsourcing – having multiple sources of support takes the pressure off your partner so that you both have more energy for each other as a couple. And of course, when you’re feeling better, you make a better company.  Everything that your body goes through, your baby’s body also goes through – pain, pleasure, stress, joy, are all experienced in baby’s developing nervous system. The more you can do to feel good emotionally & physically, the more solid of a neurological foundation baby will have.

Traditional Massage Singapore also provides soothing Postnatal Massage Services to its clients. It is essentially a full body massage that is given to new moms up to 40 days after they give birth. They can be a wonderful way to soothe new moms & give them a chance to relax even though they now have a newborn on their hands. Postnatal massage sessions are tailored to help with postpartum issues that every mother deals with. The postnatal massage focuses on strengthening the muscles & tissues that have been altered during your pregnancy so that your body regains its strength naturally. Postpartum or Postnatal Massage can be as important & beneficial as Prenatal Massage as it is well known for Relaxation, Stress Reduction, Pain Relief, & Other Health Benefits. Unique Postpartum benefits include Hormone Regulation, ReducedSwelling, Better Sleep, & Improved Breastfeeding. More advanced therapy helps restore your body to its Pre-Pregnancy Condition, Speeds Healing & assists with C-section recovery. Post Natal Massages are known to supplement blood flow & aid the release of endorphins that induce a feeling of relaxation. Postpartum massages are even specialized to cater to those specific muscles of your body that are strained after delivery.

Traditional Massage Singapore is truly making a positive impact on the lives of the women who are going through a special phase in their lives. A lot of mothers have tried their service and were highly satisfied with the professionalism and the quality of the service they received. In the words of one of their clients: “Had my postnatal massage, Madam Ana did a great job. Especially like her massage baby too. She’s always on time too. I feel so much better after the massages. Thank you.” Another mother said: “Great experience with Mrs. Katrik. She is very professional and always smiling. I really enjoyed the service provided by her. I will definitely recommend her to my friend. She is amazing! I highly recommend all pregnant women to get regular massages…it’s the best thing for physical and mental health. Her touch is firm which I love though I’m sure she adjusts to your taste. This is my first review ever and I had to write one to say how wonderful Anne is! Do it ladies!”

With Postnatal Massage, the company offers amazing valuable stuff complimentary. The gifts include: Specialized Traditional Binder, Telon Oil (For Baby), Lemongrass Massage Oil, Pilis (Mixture applied on the Forehead. Known to improve sleeping disorder, blurry vision, giddiness & tension headaches.) and Tapel (Frequently used during the Binding process to expel excess “wind” & promotes Blood Circulation. Also known to remove excess fats, discharge harmful toxins & eases abdominal muscle tension.)

About the Company:

Traditional Massage Singapore is Singapore’s Leading & Trusted Specialist providing Prenatal & Post Natal Massage with Holistic & Natural treatments to boost the overall wellness of new mothers.

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