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Limited Space Issues Resolved by Retractable Stairs

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Limited Space Issues Resolved by Retractable Stairs

February 07
22:18 2020
Limited Space Issues Resolved by Retractable Stairs

In the industrial setting, there is an array of safety and space issues that may arise. This is true for any industrial company, which is why it is time to find new and innovative methods to mitigate both of these issues. One option is to install retractable stairs.

However, there are some business owners who aren’t sure why this is needed. After all, they already have various equipment in place, so why is anything else necessary? This is a good question and some of the benefits offered by retractable ladders in industrial areas include the following.

Save Space

The right retractable ladder will help save a large amount of space in any facility. This is valuable space that can be used for traffic (i.e. people, forklifts, etc.), temporary storage, or machinery depending on the needs of the facility. More about this can be found by visiting

For facilities that are growing quickly, this is beneficial, as well. For example, they may not currently have the capital needed to handle the cost of expansion. With retractable ladders, several square feet of space per ladder is made available, which will ensure that there is additional space to use until expansion efforts can be put into place.

Safety Concerns 

Approximately 5,000 worker fatalities occur in industrial settings each year, and this doesn’t even account for the additional injuries that may occur. While not all of these are attributed to stairs or related platforms, there are quite a few that are. With retractable stairs, some of these safety issues can be mitigated. For example, the stairs can be moved and used as needed, helping to prevent falls. Also, when moving heavy or large items, the stairs can be stowed away, allowing for those doing the moving to pass by without the fear of a trip and fall situation.

Selecting the Right Stairs for a Facility 

It’s important to keep in mind there are several factors that must be kept in mind when it comes to selecting retractable stairs. For example, what are the needs of the facility? How many employees need to use or access the stairs on a daily basis? What purpose will these stairs serve -; general use or specialty use? Take some time to browse all the options offered by Platforms & Ladders and find which ones best fit the needs the industrial facility has, along with the needs they may have in the future.

You can even contact a representative with any questions by phone at 888-802-3651 and also at

Don’t underestimate all the benefits offered by installing retractable stairs. These have an array of invaluable uses in an industrial setting and can increase the space in the building along with the safety of those who use it. Being informed and knowing what to look for is the best way to get the retractable stairs that are needed for a price that works for the organization’s budget. However, the benefits offered by these stairs make them well worth the investment and is something that all industrial space should consider.

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