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Beijing Star Innovation Company Focuses on Health Industry from Consulting Planning to Operation landing

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Beijing Star Innovation Company Focuses on Health Industry from Consulting Planning to Operation landing

April 08
00:48 2020


The headquarter of Beijing Star Innovation International Enterprise Operation Management Company (Beijing Star Innovation Management Co. Ltd) where in Beijing mainly focuses on the continuous in-depth service (traditional Chinese medicine) health industry from consulting planning to operation landing that has a network of expert resources covering many countries and regions in Europe and Africa. It is committed to building a “world-class consulting service model organization” and “one-stop comprehensive actual combat management service organization”, which radiating across the country and influencing overseas.

Adhered to the service concept of “international, professional, brand and value” and international consulting and business services as the core, Star Innovation provides customers with comprehensive services from internal management promotion to market expansion and landing by creating a four-in-one new service mode of “resources + consulting + talents + research”. Consulting services are provided by us roundly, professionally, internationally, which based on customer needs, industry trends, in-depth communication with customers, opinions from experts, scheme integration, time-in-process control, tracking feedback, follow-up services that in line with combining professionalism, the world’s most advanced consulting concepts and successful practices from a strong expert consulting team and international mainstream resources and so on.


Exclusive Advantage

1. Resource advantage (International benchmark)

Gathering top international mainstream resources, expert pool, talent pool, enterprise pool, industrial consortium and customer resource sharing,which including global government and non-governmental organizations, business associations, scientific research institutes, foreign investment institutions of embassies and so forth.

2. Professional Advantage (Innovation Value)

In-depth research and innovation on consulting, management, market and its value chain system be conducted by the combination of in-depth industry cognition and extensive cross-industry practices, which involves culture, training, education, science and technology, medical and other relevant fields.

3. Service Advantage (Win-Win)

Proving the complete range of services that a custome might requires pragmatically and profundly regarding about their needs, project, brand, benefit.


Culture of Enterprise

1. Culture of Enterprise

International benchmark Chinese Wisdom

2. Vision of Enterprise

Becoming a leading consulting, operation and management enterprise with international vision and competitiveness in serving (traditional Chinese medicine) a healthy whole industrial chain should be committed.

3. Core Values

Management principle adheres to excellence as the beginning, honesty as the foundation, innovation as the soul, people-oriented, Professional, international, efficient, committed to the concept of talents, build a first-class team, cultivate industry elites

Business Layout

Through the docking of high-end resources in domestic and overseas markets, Star Innovation has provided products and services to enterprises and institutions with high growth needs in comprehensive health industries. Star Innovation has gradually completed the integration of service chains such as (traditional Chinese medicine) cultural exchange, industrial consultation and research, investment and financing and service trade, international medicine and personnel training, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and official delegation that relying on international high-end mainstream resources.

To achieve the goal of building brand image and win-win market benefits. The think tank center of Star Innovation International Enterprise Operation Management Company focuses on consulting practices, gathering nine major resources at home and abroad, which including cities (governments), global government and non-governmental organizations, embassies and foreign investment institutions, former (current) dignitaries and academic top talents, scientific research institutions and key laboratories, high-end forums), investment banks, business associations, well-known enterprises and other high-end resources, build an international health industry consortium and carry out multi-functional and cross-domain high-end resource allocation; and build a team competitive advantage through different forms of meetings and training, so as to realize the government, academic circles and mainstream media, industry organizations and industry complement each other across borders to provide services to the government and enterprises.

Government services: industry analysis, consultation and training, policy formulation, investment promotion and capital introduction, publicity and planning.

Analysis about industrial: study the situation of industrial planning, combine the actual industrial structure and regional general situation, select the most suitable target enterprise for the government, focus on the development strategy of the proposed investment promotion enterprise, and explore the advantages of cooperation between the two sides;

Consulting training: To quickly and effectively enhance the competitiveness and soft power of the relevant government through providing professional expert consultation, team training and group construction services.

Policy formulation: To formulate targeted and practical industrial policies for the government according to the national industrial positioning and characteristics and within the framework of laws and regulations that issued by the state in the area of re-investment and capital introduction.

Capital introduction: To link with the governments and enterprises effectively that might be realize the transformation service of consultation and resources accurately, which through the database of projects, enterprises.

Publicity and planning: To assist the government in project publicity, more effectively connect project resources and channels, fully display the government’s resource advantages, environmental advantages, policy advantages and investment value, and establish a more complete city brand according to the government’s industrial orientation and industrial development direction.

Service for enterprises: Consulting and Training, Transformation and Upgrading, Resource Integration, Settlement.

Consulting and training: Experts from alliance who will into enterprises and private board meetings, theme salons and so on.

Transformation and upgrading: To help enterprises realize technology upgrading, management upgrading, main business upgrading and international market expansion platform construction services according to the specific demands of enterprise.

Resource integration: To highlight the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and seek the best combination of resources and enterprise benefits in line with the enterprise development strategy and market demand, the resource integration will be carried out.

Site selection: To help enterprises and institutions carry out the settlement successfully since we have a professional management team and the site selection relevant experience richly.

Star Innovation adheres to the concept of value discovery and value improvement, through industry and enterprise research, discover value, allocate resources according to customer needs and industrial trends, and realize the dual improvement of brand and efficiency in the market; adhere to the optimization and upgrading of the industry structure, build a healthy industry consortium, promote the improvement of industry concentration, and improve the overall industry competitiveness and development level; the docking of solid capital and enterprises is not only resources, but based on the improvement of the core competitiveness of enterprises, through the docking of resources, introduce professional resources such as governments, markets and enterprises at home and abroad, so as to help enterprises And organizations understand and solve problems, quickly improve their competitiveness, and then promote the promotion of the level of competition in the industry.

The International Medical Training Center of Star Innovation International Enterprise Operation Management Company has created excellent courses with great social value in the form of “on-site + remote + Internet film and television” to lead the new training mode of internet plus hospitals. International medical training and international personnel training is one of the important basic business sectors of Star innovation. The center joins hands with top scientific research institutions and hospital experts at home and abroad to build an international high-end hospital training management platform, is committed to actually solving the problems of lack of talents in the development of hospitals at home and abroad, insufficient international technology and management experience, realize the standardization, informationization, procedural and systematic management of hospital training, provide overall solutions such as management and business for hospital training, two-way linkage online and offline, help hospital excellent management and technical personnel training, and improve the international medical water of hospitals To improve the level of service and improve human health and well-being.

Build an international high-end hospital training management platform, realize the standardization, informationization, procedural and systematic management of hospital training, provide overall solutions such as management and business for hospital training, two-way linkage online and offline, help hospital excellent management and technical personnel training, and improve the international medical level and service level of hospitals.

The International Cultural Exchange Center of Star Innovation International Enterprise Operation and Management Company is committed to providing professional knowledge services and business investigation projects for customers at all levels of society, including providing market research reports, industrial research reports and various public welfare research reports, international business delegations, etc. It combines many years of industry experience and professional channels to provide reference information for the decision-making of enterprises and various institutions.

Star Innovation will help customers seize development opportunities, meet challenges and realize the sustainable development of large and healthy industries worldwide by providing professional services, thus affecting the industry pattern and leading the future of the industry.

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