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Every Residence Needs Whole-Home WiFi

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Every Residence Needs Whole-Home WiFi

November 13
08:21 2020
Every Residence Needs Whole-Home WiFi

A whole-house Wi-Fi system, also known as a mesh network, offers an easy solution to improve Wi-Fi speeds and to extend Wi-Fi throughout the space. It is important for homeowners to know the specific benefits of whole-home Wi-Fi when investing in it.

What is Whole-Home Wi-Fi

Whole-home Wi-Fi is used to blanket the entire home with a strong and ongoing internet connection. Like traditional Wi-Fi, whole-home systems, like the ones offered by EATEL, have a single, central hub —  a station connected to the router. With that in mind, it is also important to know that this system includes satellite stations, which are called nodes, put in a home. Each service provider, including, calls these by a different name. The satellite stations provide the same high level of connectivity in parts of the world with lower internet speeds.

Custom Coverage

Where the satellite stations go, so does a person’s connectivity. If someone spends most of their time browsing online downstairs but wants to stream movies upstairs in their bedroom, they need a Wi-Fi system that will work everywhere. To get strong signals in both locations, just install satellite stations there. This is possible no matter where the router is placed.

Simple Network Management

Most of the whole-home Wi-Fi systems are designed with digital apps to help users manage the devices easily. With some of these tools, it is possible to view the Wi-Fi signal strength and all connected devices. It may also be possible to reboot the modem. It is also possible to change security settings and network credentials through these apps. This provides you with a high level of security right in your hands.

Minimal Interferences 

With a satellite station nearby, a homeowner should not have to worry about issues related to structural obstacles or radio interferences. If a person has slower Wi-Fi in their kitchen because of a nearby mirror or a microwave, but the kitchen’s satellite station. With this, the signal will no longer have to move through these items to connect the device. The provider, such as, can help with this.

Location-Based Connections

As a person moves from one room to another, the whole-home Wi-Fi system will automatically connect the devices being used to the strongest station based on where a person is. When the route to connectivity is optimized, a person can see much more reliability between their devices.

Increased Reliability

Along with location-based connections, a whole-home system will guarantee that the network will continue to operate if a single node stops working. As long as the central hub is working, there should be no issues related to connectivity.

When it comes to whole-house Wi-Fi systems, there is a lot to know. However, as proven by the information and details here, this type of system offers an array of appealing benefits that any homeowner can appreciate. Being informed and knowing what is offered are the best ways to ensure the desired results are achieved. This is going to ensure that a superior level of connectivity is achieved.

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