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Demand for label printers increases: Phomemo launches a new Intelligent label maker

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Demand for label printers increases: Phomemo launches a new Intelligent label maker

November 24
11:21 2020

With the rapid development of technology, everyone relies on smart devices, and handheld mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. The new D30 Label Maker launched by Phomemo team has become the good news for home storage. One can operate the label printer only with the smart phone APP, making the labeling machine become intelligent.

What Home Storage&Organization seeking is not spotless clean, but streamlined and orderly. The latest Innovative Intelligent D30 Label Maker is intelligent and convenient, which makes the storage simpler and greatly improves the user’s experience. Storage lovers can easily tidy up thanks to the portable body and fashionable appearance. In addition, D30 Label Maker can also be used to print commodity price label. One Label Maker brings customers a diversified and multifunctional experience.


Phomemo D30 Label Maker has a solid color body, simple and elegant shape, light and small, which makes this portable Label Maker more durable. And can be easily stored in a bag or placed on a desk, relax users from the burden of holding in hands, also can be used for label printing anytime and anywhere. Functionally, Phomemo D30 Label Maker uses ink-free printing technology, it is very convenient to print by thermal technology without ink.

During printing, one-click printing can be easily realized by using Bluetooth connection with the smart phone which installed intelligent APP-“Printing master”. Phomemo fully considers the user’s experience when designed, provides a variety of languages and font forms in the intelligent APP, so that users can set the text attributes and directions according to their preferences on the APP. The built-in shortcut labels such as date, time and symbols in the software can be inserted directly and quickly, maximizing the efficiency. And it can be flexibly adjusted according to everyone’s storage habits and use scenarios. In addition, Phomemo D30 Label Maker also saves the cloud print records, which can be checked on smart phone APP at any time, eliminating the tedious steps, and easily realizing”immediately printing when connected”. 1200m Ah lithium battery in side can stand by continuously for 3-4 hours, and with the batch print function, it can print 99 labels at one time, which satisfy the needs of home users.

Multiple label styles

D30 Label Printer as an intelligent label maker, there are many types of labels in the APP for 6mm-15mm, also a wide variety of label papers are prepared for users to select according to the usage scenarios, which will be continuously updated and increased officially.

Good label material

At the same time, the matching label adopts high-quality materials. Label surface is waterproof, oil-proof, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. The printed label has clear writing  and long lasting ink retention, which makes the label more conspicuous. Also no residue after being torn off, intelligent and caring. Printing speed of D30 Label Maker is very fast, basically can finish printing within two seconds, making label printing more flexible and convenient.

Phomemo D30 Label Maker satisfies user’s multi-scene label printing requirements. Whether it’s home/kitchen storing… seasonal clothes, standing medicines, hoarding daily necessities or printing notes on label at work, it can be done easily. By the reasonable use of these labels, users can improve happiness in daily life and efficiency in work, which is the best choice for home arrangement and office remarks.

Enjoy printing

With the needs of users, Phomemo constantly upgrades intelligent Label Maker to keep up with times. With its simple and exquisite appearance, intelligent use, rich and intimate supporting app design, Phomemo D30 Label Maker brings excellent user experience. To learn more about Phomemo D30 Label Maker, you can visit our official website:

Phomemo D30 Label Maker, enjoy the label printing.

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