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EVO Footwear Introduces Revolutionary Branded Industry Shoes

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EVO Footwear Introduces Revolutionary Branded Industry Shoes

December 05
01:09 2020
Now, corporations can simultaneously market their brand while providing safe & comfortable footwear for their employees who spend most of their time on their feet to get the job done.

According to the US National Safety Council, an average of 540 work injuries happen every hour. This translates to 12,900 work injuries a day; 90,400 work injuries per week; and 7 million work injuries per year.

Joel Ramos, the founder of the revolutionary shoe brand EVO Footwear, knows of this problem all too well. His 20-year experience in the service industry drove him to create the ultimate shoe for maximizing safety, productivity, and marketing dollars when it comes to essential workers. Wanting to help thousands of workers to improve their quality of work performance and health, he decided to create a footwear brand that did what no other shoe has before.

In 2020, EVO Footwear released its first series, the EVO1. It is currently available for organizations, universities, and retailers to offer the shoes branded with their respective logos/colors to their employees/students. A new ankle high boot style shoe called the EVO ROGUE is set to release January 2021. The boot style shoe will feature an industrial zipper and clip for the fastening. The series was designed for truck/delivery drivers, construction workers, and other industrial style jobs that require a more secure shoe to get the job done. A major enhancement to the EVO ROGUE is the upgraded materials used in the sole which acts as a repellent for bacteria, viruses, and other microbial matter, including the COVID-19 virus.

“EVO Footwear raises the bar of industry footwear. With the ability to brand our footwear, employees become walking billboards in addition to our shoes having more safety features and benefits than any other industry work shoe on the market,” Ramos said.

The physical benefits/features of the EVO1 include its anti-slip dual density sole, anti-fatigue gel insert, anti-static shock properties, anti-fungal/ anti-odor materials. All shoes are coated with liquid-resistant hydrophobic nano-technology which prevents the footwear’s exterior from absorbing liquids such as sauce, wine, or oil. To clean the shoe from any spilled liquid, all the user has to do is wipe off the substance with a wet rag.

All EVO Footwear shoes are made with anti-slip soles and a reinforced, non-metal composite toe which meets all safety requirements by the Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA). It has the protective capabilities of steel without the heavy weight, risk of electrocution, and/or injury to the feet from bent metal. Apart from the physical benefits of their shoes, any
company that purchases the shoes for their employees receive a tax deduction for purchasing a safety item.

EVO Footwear shoes are made in Mexico and manufactured in one of the largest, high-volume footwear manufacturing facilities in the world. Their corporate office is within Davie, Florida.

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About EVO Footwear

EVO Footwear offers the world’s first branded work shoes designed for essential workers who spend a large amount of time on their feet. Their shoes offer organizations/universities, and more the ability to create walking billboards with work shoes branded with their logos/colors. These shoes have an array of safety & comfort features such as Anti-Slip Soles, Anti-Fatigue Gel Inserts, Anti-Static Shock Properties, Anti-Fungal/Anti-Odor Materials, Composite Toe Protection, and Liquid-Resistant Hydrophobic Nano-Technology. This fusion of safety, productivity, and marketing allows EVO Footwear to set a new bar in industry footwear.

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