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February 10
14:26 2021
Imagine this: between two entrepreneurs, one who is highly motivated to persevere after several setbacks and one who is unwilling to take risks when a goal looks difficult to achieve, who is more likely to succeed? Obviously, it is the first entrepreneur. The entrepreneur who is highly driven to persevere and strive for success – one who has a growth mindset.

Having a growth mindset is important not only for entrepreneurs but for everyone in general. Every day, there will be new challenges to face. The world is rapidly changing, there are technological advancements, beliefs and norms are changing, so everyone must keep up to adapt and adjust to these changes. That being said, having a growth mindset is necessary.

What is a growth mindset?

A growth mindset refers to the belief that one can develop skills and improve through commitment and hard work. A belief that success can be achieved through consistent effort in working and overcoming challenges. Some perceive failure as the end of everything, while others see this as an opportunity for improvement and growth.

In the business environment, having a growth mindset is important as it drives a business forward and positions it for sustainable success. An entrepreneur with a growth mindset is more committed, persistent, and determined to learn and develop new skills and use them to grow a business.

To put things in perspective, to have a growth mindset means to:

  • See failures and setbacks as an opportunity to grow
  • Have the “I will and I can” attitude 
  • Appreciate constructive feedbacks
  • Be fearless in taking risks and trying out new things

For, a business that adopts a growth mindset is more capable of positioning itself for success. Entrepreneurs and business owners who manage a business with a growth mindset always seek challenges and embrace setbacks as part of learning and growth.

According to, the key to a thriving business today is a strong leadership and growth mindset. Leading with a growth mindset encourages team members to work, learn, and grow in a growth-oriented environment.

Developing a growth mindset isn’t overwhelming as it seems. There is a wide array of ways to develop a growth mindset, and this includes accessing books, podcasts, and webinars. However, experts say that the quickest and most efficient way is to seek assistance from coaching companies like and learn through coaching programs.

About is an online platform that offers digital marketing and coaching services.’s business coaches are experienced entrepreneurs and coaches who aim to help entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners reach their business goals.’s business coaches provide insights on how to improve business operations and at the same time lead entrepreneurs towards having a growth mindset. shared the following ways on how entrepreneurs can develop and implement a growth mindset and drive their businesses on the road to success.

  • Always embrace challenges – Challenges are inevitable, and avoiding them does not help with both personal and professional growth. Embracing them provides valuable lessons and at the same time provides an opportunity to learn new things, which in turn, helps in achieving greater things. Always remember, beat the challenges and reap the rewards.
  • Never be afraid of criticisms – Criticism can hurt, but there is a good side to it. Accepting criticism provides learning and room for improvement. 
  • Expect failures and learn from them – Failures happen. However, do not dwell on it and just give up. Success does not happen overnight. Use failures as additional learning to get right back up and become smarter in powering through future setbacks.
  • Realize that all efforts are fruitful. No matter how big or small they are. They are still milestones. Celebrate and acknowledge them. They are still part of success. 

Having a growth mindset does not only apply to entrepreneurs, it applies to everyone. A growth mindset helps in goal setting and motivates everyone to move forward towards success.

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