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Jealous Computers Releases New Strong Password Generator

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Jealous Computers Releases New Strong Password Generator

February 23
05:50 2021
Jealous Computers Releases New Strong Password Generator

Jealous Computers
Maintains privacy and security with stronger passwords

TALLINN, Estonia – Feb 22, 2021 – Jealous Computers announced today that it has developed a strong password generator capable of creating passwords that would take 43 quattuordecillion years to break. (That’s 4.3 x 1045years, many multiples of the age of the universe itself!) With cybercrime rates spiking during the past year, maximum protection is needed in the digital space. Jealous Computers offers one of the world’s most effective countermeasures in this area of security.

Strong Password Generator is a program that provides a high-quality, randomly generated random password generator with no password sent or recorded. As a spokesperson for the company explained, “You can use a Strong Password Generator to create any kind of password: from simple PINs to strong and long complex passwords that are hard to crack even with the fastest hacking computers.”

The Strong Password Generator is intended to help people stay secure with the passwords they use every day to access vital and sensitive information such as e-mail, digital file storage, cloud account, bank accounts, social media, and hundreds of other services. The temptation is to use one password for all accounts keeping it short and easy to remember. However, that system has a disastrous effect on privacy and security. 

“In most cases, passwords are not hacked out of curiosity, but for malicious goals: using your computer as a spam robot, stealing some of your money, and infecting your computer with computer viruses, and spyware,” said Jan Hajek, cyber-security expert, and blogger. “Remember, if the password codes are not random, the hacking times are drastically less.”

Password strength depends on the number of possible combinations that must be tried to guess the password. A standard four-digit PIN has only 10,000 possible combinations. Research studies have shown that humans are not very good at creating random passwords as they try to distribute things evenly. Random password generators offered online have major drawbacks in that they often provide far fewer combinations than are possible.

The Strong Password Generator creates a truly random password that is not sent or recorded in any way.

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