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Look At Machining Equipment From A Different Perspective

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Look At Machining Equipment From A Different Perspective

July 06
15:06 2021

When the machining process is unruly, the first inspection of the workpiece should be carried out in a safe condition, and it should not be pressed on the fixture. Therefore, the first part after the tool change and the fixture replacement should be the first inspection. In this way, for the tool setting parts of the jigs and other fixtures, drill sleeves, tool setting blocks, etc., the wear conditions should be checked before use, and the serious wear should be reported to the quality inspection and technical parts in time to better adopt the corresponding methods. For some continuous machining processes or steps, in order to prevent them from being scrapped in batches, the operator should conduct self-inspection of the processes and steps. If necessary, we conduct mutual inspections or find an inspector to coordinate inspections.

When machining the internal and external threads of the car, the mouth end must be turned into a forming angle that is the same as the size of the pitch and the profile angle. The barb of the part should be completed by the operator in this process. The degree to which the practical and ideal values ​​of the diameter, length and surface distance of the machined parts are close to each other.

Scale accuracy is the effect of using scale public service to control. The standard service is the amount of change allowed by the part size in the cutting process. Therefore, under the same basic scale, the smaller the scale public service, the higher the actual scale accuracy. Machining shape accuracy refers to the degree of fit between the actual shape and the ideal shape of the line and surface on the machined part. The azimuth accuracy of machining is the degree of conformity with the practical azimuth and the aspirational azimuth of the points, lines and surfaces on the part.

The project rules for actual appraisal of azimuth accuracy include parallelism, straightness, coaxiality, symmetry, circular runout, and full runout. Such azimuth accuracy is controlled by azimuth errors, and each intended azimuth service is divided into different accuracy levels.

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