North American Report Smart Locker OS Introduces a Way for Businesses to Improve Customer Experience and More

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July 07
02:18 2021
This innovative start-up also helps increase revenue and reduce costs on manual labor by cutting development costs and making lockers smarter.

The present world continues to get busier by the day. People need to be more active without wasting any time by being able to drop or get anything that they need somewhere near their stopovers. Therefore, establishments must be smarter with their amenities. Businesses must start exploring innovative ways that their target market can find useful to make their lives easier. One of the things that can put them ahead of the game is by offering a smart locker solution that can meet all audiences., a technology company, offers exactly what the people of the future need: a smart locker solution that has the most adaptable and user-focused technology. With’s smart locker operating system, people can automate Click & Collect operations, thereby improving customer experience and increasing revenue, and reducing costs on manual labor.’s smart lockers can be used to store, charge electronics, exchange items, automate online buys, and pick up in-store processes. Indeed, it is a good deal for businesses to level up their respective offerings. All these and more are possible in just one order, which customers can check out on their website at

The use of smart lockers is growing to all-time highs and it’s expected the highest growth to be in 2026. “Retailers can reduce up to 90% of the cost on their Click & Collect operations,” said CEO and Co-founder Miha Jagodic. Those who are part of the e-commerce and the logistics industry are already familiar with smart lockers. Thus, the demand for their talents and offerings continues to grow.

There are certainly many uses for smart lockers nowadays. This includes parcel delivery where couriers can deliver multiple packages in the same place, saving time and money spent. Pick-up lockers are also gaining popularity as it makes the process of buying items online easier as users can pick up their order without any delivery cost. Of course, there’s the storage locker and the peer-to-peer exchange locker where people can conveniently sell old items that they no longer need for a discounted price. These options are a win-win for the parties involved.’s smart lockers are now ready to be deployed, armed with high-quality materials and customizable design tested in the toughest conditions. They don’t only offer mere storage but an option to cut development costs and make lockers smarter.

Their operating system boasts plug-and-play technology, detailed data collection, a full payment and billing system, intercom customer support, integration with logistic carriers, and compatibility with most smart lockers. Since these lockers promote contactless exchanges, utilizing smart lockers is also a great way to keep social distance while exchanging or storing objects as part of their lifestyle. Indeed, this is what people need during these ever-changing times.


The is the creator of the Smart Locker OS, a state-of-the-art storage system designed by its team of experts and ready to be deployed anywhere in the world. The Smart Locker is highly adaptable, with multiple customizable interfaces and an extensive API ready for third-party integrations. The product is also easy to install and maintain and has a scalable and highly modular architecture for quick deployment. The product can also be deployed outdoors as it has been tested in the toughest external conditions.

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