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Helios Life Enterprises Releases its Second Product, Mercury

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Helios Life Enterprises Releases its Second Product, Mercury

July 07
21:00 2021
Unlocking alpha at scale for financial audio platforms.

Unlocking the power of voice — this is the philosophy that Helios Life Enterprises believed in to make it to where they are today. Based on well researched scientific data, there are unprecedented possibilities for systematic, fundamental, and corporate vectors if they take a chance on the truest metric of human nature: the voice.

Through the Helios platform, meaningful data can be extracted from corporate audio events to elicit a brand new channel of alpha generation. Neuroscience, neurolinguistics, and tonal machine learning all can attest to this. Just think about how powerful the truth is when it comes specifically from the voice of the highest ranking official in a company, no one knows better about firm performance both at present and in the future the way the Chief Executive Officer does. This voice serves as a leverage for Helios’ tonal analytics.

According to the Chief Scientific Officer of Helios Life Enterprises, Dr. Gerwin Schalk, the vision behind Helios’s latest product, Mercury, is taking on what they have learned from Comprehend and taking it a step further. Particularly, he said –

“When we launched Comprehend for hedge funds in 2019, we knew this was just the tip of the iceberg. With Mercury, now available, our data science and audio engineering team have unlocked massive potential for any financial platform that operates on audio. We’re seeing enormous possibilities when tonal analysis becomes incorporated into these models for quantitative, discretionary, corporate and beyond.”

Comprehend was already category-defining on its own for its advanced voice-processing and AI technology that can extract distinct data to better trade on equities. But today, Helios Life Enterprises just opened a new dimension in tonal analytics. They are ready to unlock a world of value as their product, Mercury, the next-generation API for audio analysis, is now available for financial platforms.

There is no denying that earnings conference calls heavily influence the dynamics in the market. Each earnings conference call, no matter how long, contain important information that can determine where the market is headed. With Mercury, there is indeed a future of audio tonal analysis beyond hedge funds.

Unlock the human voice at scale. Know how Comprehend and Mercury open more possibilities in the market. For more information, visit

About Helios Life Enterprises

Helios Life Enterprises is the world leader in audio tonal analysis for hedge funds, corporate, discretionary and financial research platforms.

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