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Meet Miss Fafah, a Young Girl from Cameroun Who Started a Successful Vegan Cosmetics Company

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Meet Miss Fafah, a Young Girl from Cameroun Who Started a Successful Vegan Cosmetics Company

July 07
20:20 2021
From her humble beginning in Africa, Miss Fafah grew up where women weren’t allowed to talk. Now, she runs her own vegan cosmetics business that inspires and empowers women

USA – Clemence N. Famen or Miss Fafah is a young and enterprising woman who has come a long way in her life journey. The beautiful and elegant lady we see today was not always so; she was once in a situation where there was no opportunity for her to become successful.

Miss Fafah was born in Cameroun, a Central African country. It’s a society where a woman is not allowed to talk or have her own opinion. Women are even celebrated and rewarded for keeping quiet and speaking only when spoken to. But deep inside her heart, Famen knew she was meant for something more glorious.

From the age of 5, even though she was young, helpless, and invisible, she realized her potentials and was inspired to pursue her dreams. She fought through the odds and pain to discover her abilities. Then, at 21, she relocated to the US and saw how men and women were free to pursue their dreams, which inspired her to work harder.

In 2010 she started makeup artistry and hair braiding service, which became very successful. “I went back to Cameroon in 2015 to train women as makeup artists to support themselves and give them the freedom to express themselves,” said Clemence N. Famen, CEO of FAFAH. “I was one of the first to bring makeup and artistry to the women of Cameroon. I had the pleasure of coaching 600 women in far more than just makeup — I taught them how to run their very own business and advocate for themselves.”

In 2019, she launched FAFAH, a vegan cosmetics line. The company creates and sells high-quality products like makeup, skincare, and accessories that come with powerful messages that inspire and empower women that use them. Some of the products in the store include beauty sponge, lip pencil, eyeliner, art glitter, hand mirror, and so on. Customers can shop for any of these items on her online store and get them delivered to their homes. Miss Fafah continues to add more new and fascinating products to her store to inspire women to be free and encourage them to achieve their dreams.

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About Fafah Vegan Cosmetics

Fafah Vegan Cosmetics offers a line of makeup and beauty products made from top-quality vegan materials. The company produces and sells products with positive messages that inspire and empower women to become whatever they want.

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