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October 01
00:00 2021
Supported by the community, is looking to become the leader in simple healthy lifestyle hacks resources.

The pandemic has “forced” people to stay at home. Ideally, to stay safe, but it’s without a doubt, this phenomenon creates another issue. With the recent spike in obesity, many people are looking for ways to live healthier lives. Unfortunately, there are so many options, from dieting to exercise, that it can be hard to know where to start. 

Fortunately, has created an online community of active members who provide healthy lifestyle advice, recipes, and motivation for those just starting on their journey or even veterans of the lifestyle looking for new inspiration. The site is also home-made, with over 500 recipes provided by users themselves.

After a successful beta period, the founders of have launched their site and are now entering their official release stage. The site is currently in its early stages but has already seen over 1 million visits from people looking to join or help maintain healthy lifestyles through diet and exercise. The company’s goal is to provide an online space for members who want to meet others around them that share similar goals and provide resources such as recipes and healthy living tips for those looking to stay active or get started with a healthier lifestyle. With plans for future development, the company anticipates exponential growth in the coming months and hopes this will be just one of many autonomous communities.

What Recipes Available at has a whole range of recipes available to choose from. The team has collected healthy, high protein recipes such as the Grilled Shrimp with Avocado and Strawberry. They also have decadent but worth it meals like Maple Bacon Donut Muffins.

The recipes themselves are healthy and high in protein, using only all-natural ingredients that promote good health and energy levels. Some people might not like that there aren’t many pictures available for all of these recipes, but the editorial team promises to add more in the future. A few reviewers also mention that some ingredients might not yet be available at the local grocery store. Though they don’t have an official healthy lifestyle guideline and recipe book created yet, WhereYourWaist has put together many recipes using their product. They are all available on their blog.

Be Healthy (er) with WhereYourWaist

People have heard this team many times, and only a few tried and proof it worked. With the enthusiastic community support, WYW has grown from neighbor’s talk to globally known health resources covering sports, workout programs, and nutrition. As the community grows, the team has recently hired an MD to make sure all information is kosher.

About is a rapidly growing online community support and resources to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not all plans fit everyone, but you will find the perfect plan that suits your lifestyle, taste, and preferences. The website also has tips on cooking, delicious recipes, workout videos for each major body part, quick workouts for when you are tight on time, and more.

Check on their website for more details, .

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