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The US Green Card Office Offers the lifetime opportunity to Apply for the DV-2023 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program through its value-added service

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The US Green Card Office Offers the lifetime opportunity to Apply for the DV-2023 Diversity Immigrant Visa Program through its value-added service

October 05
01:03 2021
Maximize the chances of winning the 2021 Green Card Lottery by applying for the value-added services of the US Green Card Office, which starts from as low as $80.00 for singles and $120.00 for families.

USA – Each year, millions of people worldwide apply for the Green Card Program. The Green Card offers a permanent residence visa for the United States and allows people to study, live and settle there permanently in the USA. These Green Cardholders also receive benefits such as health, education, social security, amongst many others. The US Green Card Office is delighted to announce the DV-2023 Green Card Lottery dates from 6th of October 2021 – 9th of November 2021. Each year, the U.S. Government accepts up to 55,000 individuals who belong to countries with historically low levels of immigration to the United States. The Diversity Visa application can be submitted free on, or applicants that wish support of getting their application submitted error-free are invited to use the paid Green Card Application submission service. All people are encouraged to apply early and fulfill the pre-requisite criteria. 

The Green Card is a wonderful opportunity for all those people from low immigration nations who wish to live in the United States and build a life of dreams. There is no better time to apply for the Green Card Application than Now. With all the information available and with Biden and Harris in the White House, applying for a Green Card may become the next turning point in life. The Green Card Lottery officially called the Diversity Immigration Via Lottery, is also renowned by the name of Green Card Lottery. The US Department of State selects Green Card applications randomly among the pool of all qualified applications. To ensure a maximum chance of getting a Green Card, applications need to be qualified first.

When it comes to its names and colors, the Green Card, over time, has been subjected to a lot of change. The Green Card is officially referred to as the Permanent Resident Card by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). What is more interesting is that it has also been called an Alien Registration Receipt Card or Resident Alien Card. The first Green Card was issued after World War II in 1940. All foreign-born citizens above 14 years of age were required to report to a US post office, provide their fingerprints, and register their presence in the United States. As time passed, the number of immigrants started increasing. This led to the need for an official Green Card and redesigning the cards to avoid counterfeiting. In 1997, The US Department of State designed a more sophisticated machine verifiable Green Card and added fingerprint, signature, and A-number for additional identification measures.  In 2017, USCIS began to issue a new and revised Green Card followed by a 2010 fraud-resistant Green Card The new Green Card is the current edition of the Green Card, which is given to selected applicants only who fulfill the criteria. 

The Green Card does not only offer the opportunity to become a lawful permanent citizen of the US, but it also comes with a lot of perks. Benefits of having a Green Card include enjoying the same status as the other citizens of the US; sponsoring immediate family members and relatives, qualifying for social security benefits, etc. People who hold a US Green Card have the chance to sponsor immediate family members and provide them with the ability to stay in the US with them. Hence, people can call their families, including parents, spouses, and children under 21 years old to the US. Besides this, US Green Card holders who choose to complete their studies in the US can apply for and receive various types of federal financial aid for their education as per their permanent legal status. This means Green Card holders can complete their education from the best institutions with minimal to no tuition fees. Green Card holders are also eligible to participate in political campaigns, have their voices heard, receive social benefits, and enjoy better career prospects. One of the main benefits of a Green Card is that individuals have less official paperwork to fill, which is no less than a hassle. 

Every year, more than 65% of applications are disqualified for not following instructions correctly. A lot of times, individuals use the free services to apply for a Green Card, which makes them prone to making a lot of mistakes. The US Green Card office provides value-added benefits to all applicants in 20 different languages. When using the value-added service, people can take advantage of not being disqualified because of uploading incorrect photos that the U.S. Government cannot approve. The benefits of the paid vs. free Green Card lottery are significant and increase the chances of getting the US Green Card manifold. What’s more impressive is that the fee for this value-added service starts from as low as $80.00 for singles and $120.00 for families. The official submission date for the Green Card lottery is from the 6th of October 2021 to – 9th of November 2021. The US Green will facilitate its applicants to prepare and complete the green application online according to all legal requirements, maximizing their chances of winning the lottery and providing them with the opportunity to receive permanent US citizen status. Make sure to avail of the value-added service of the US Green Card Office and apply for the 2021 (DV-2023) Diversity Visa Program before the deadline 9th of November 2021

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The US Green Card Office provides services to individuals applying for the US Green Card. The value-added services are offered in 20 different languages and start from $80.00 for singles and $120.00 for families. Potential applicants get the opportunity to prepare and complete their Green Card applications online according to all legal requirements and get the application submitted within the right time as announced by the US Government.

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