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The Modern Back Now Offering Lift Chairs to South Florida

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The Modern Back Now Offering Lift Chairs to South Florida

October 05
05:24 2021

Lift chairs are mechanically powered armchairs that assist their users in standing upright from a sitting position. They are very useful pieces of furniture for people suffering from neuromuscular diseases, arthritis, and generally weak bones, either due to an underlying condition or old age. Additionally, electric lift chairs are operated with a single push of a button, further reducing the strain on the body. They come in a wide array of sizes from large and wide to small lift chairs to maximize the comfort of their diverse range of users. These medical benefits classify lift chairs as Durable Medical Equipment and are covered by Medicare Part B in the United States of America.

The Modern Back, an online massage chair, zero gravity recliner, and lift chair recliner retailer, unveiled their collection of power lift chair recliners in South Florida, featured in their showrooms in Boynton Beach and Sarasota, Florida. The Modern Back’s Lift Chair Showrooms allow customers to “try before they buy”. Each lift chair model has its own unique size, features, & benefits. It’s highly recommended that you visit one of their showrooms before purchasing.  

Why Lift Chairs?

Before googling where to buy lift chairs, it is important to note the reason for owning one. Lift chairs for elderly people or those with medical complications that weaken the bones and muscles in their lower body are exceptionally helpful because they allow them to get from a seated position to a standing position without exerting too much effort. They also reduce the stress on their joints when they sit down and cradle the bones and muscles while resting. Apart from the lift mechanism, some chairs will also allow the users to recalibrate their seating positions from slight angle adjustments to fully flat, or even to a position wherein the knees and head are slightly above the height of the heart, also known as the “zero-gravity position”; all with a press of a button.

Lift Chairs Showroom

The showrooms of the Modern Back all serve to give their potential customers a first-hand experience of the capabilities of lift chairs before they decide to purchase, a defining service not commonly seen in most online stores. Sarasota lift chairs feature the UltraComfort lift chair line that ensures a “Made in the USA” quality using first-rate materials and durable North American Maple wood. The chairs fit perfectly in both the office and the living room and provide its user with the comfort and convenience of the lift and recliner mechanism regardless of whether they are at work or in relaxation.

Boynton Beach lift chairs showcase a similar collection, offering lift recliners chairs on sale with modern, stylish designs that customers will not shy off flaunting to their visitors. The function isn’t the end for these ergonomic chair designs. It also matters that they don’t look like crutches for their owners, rather a fine piece of equipment with useful functions.

Visitors are also in the service of trained on-site and online employees who are fully capable of educating them of the useful properties of the lift chairs for sale to find the best possible chair for each customer. The Modern Back highly recommends that customers experience the different brands and chair specifications beforehand as this will be useful information for the employees.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

It’s never a bad idea to have lift chairs for seniors in your search history for the coming holidays, as they almost always guarantee a happy receiver. A good lift chair like one of the Florida UltraComfort Lift Chairs line will certainly last for a very long time and ensure its owner a comfortable respite from aching joints and exhausted bodies whenever necessary. It doesn’t have to be exclusive for this demographic either; anyone could use a fifteen-minute break in one of these lift recliners. Read books, watch TV, take a nap; treat the body with the rest it deserves from the hustle and bustle of a hard day at work.

To conclude, power lift chairs for elderly homeowners – or even the average American – make an essential piece of furniture that can significantly improve the quality of life. The back is a commonly neglected part of the body. Bad posture, awkward sleeping positions, heavy lifting, and even long periods of sitting on a bad chair can hasten the degradation of key bones and muscles and may lead to permanent damage in the future. The Modern Back offers massage chairs for sale in a wide range of choices in their online store and plenty of chairs customers can try in their two showroom sites.

The Modern Back is the best massage chairs retailer located in the United States, it offers the best state-of-the-art massage chairs and recliner chairs in Sarasota, Florida in The Modern Back’s showrooms.

The company has a website and physical showrooms stocked with a large selection of massage chairs, it includes various brands and models of massage chairs for sale to fit a modest budget. Clients are welcomed to ask for sales assistance, The Modern Back’s friendly staff are just a few questions away to assist with any purchases.

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