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Emily Cleghorn Helping the Next Generation of Women Overcome their Traumas and Find Their Purpose

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Emily Cleghorn Helping the Next Generation of Women Overcome their Traumas and Find Their Purpose

October 06
13:24 2021
Emily Cleghorn Helping the Next Generation of Women Overcome their Traumas and Find Their Purpose

“Life is not a bed of roses” is a phrase that is not adequately explained because life as we know it comes in stages, and nobody said it’ll be easy. At various points in time, life deals with everybody, and when that happens, it takes a lot of character and strength to emerge from the rubble. Emily Cleghorn’s journey to becoming a life reclamation coach is not happen-stance, as she is, in fact, a product of her struggles and her victory, having experienced some of life’s worst trauma in her childhood and as a young adult. Today, she is teaching the next generation of women to embrace independence and victory over their past traumas. 

Emily Cleghorn is a Life Reclamation coach, self-published author, and keynote speaker with a passion and desire to help her clients rise from the ashes of their past trauma and step into being their authentic selves. She is the author of the book “Rising from the Ashes: How to Reclaim your Life after a Traumatic Childhood,” where she outlined her framework for overcoming her childhood trauma and teaches readers how to break the negative energy and chain that is holding them back and preventing them from stepping into their purpose. 

Having embarked on her healing journey and emerged victoriously, Emily can hold a space for her clients that helps them feel accepted entirely as who they are and held accountable so that they can create the change they are craving in their lives. As a certified health & life coach, Emily offers a customizable program to meet her clients where they are in their journey and guides them to meet their desired outcomes.

Emily is committed to building a community of survivors and people who have overcome their biggest challenges. Through her series of outreach spaces and teaching platforms, Emily is reaching her hand back into the fire she has walked through to lift other women up and help them find hope and inspiration while instilling in them that they are not alone and help is nearby. 

Life deals with everybody regardless of gender, and while Emily’s books can be picked up and the strategies applied by anybody regardless of gender, according to her, she is more inclined to helping women discover their purpose. She describes her target audience as mama’s between the ages of 25–30 who are coping with life after a traumatic childhood while learning how to be a mom to their children; women who are sick of carrying the burden of their past and ready to create a brighter future for their babies. To put it into perspective, “Every woman who is ready to set the baggage down so that she can walk into her future,” Emily said. 

On where she sees herself and her brand five years from now, Emily said, “I see myself helping millions of women be their best self.” She is also making strategic moves to ensure her business and services expand to include a holistic women’s health clinic with locations across Canada.

Learn more about Emily Cleghorn by visiting her website.

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