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The 6 Great Benefits of Hiring OPAS International Shipping Agency

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The 6 Great Benefits of Hiring OPAS International Shipping Agency

October 06
15:22 2021

What are the benefits of hiring a well-established, reliable shipping company? OPAS International Shipping Service offers package forwarding from the USA, shipment forwarding to almost any country, and parcel delivery from the USA.

The benefits of hiring OPAS shipment forwarding from the USA

  1. Let’s start with annual cost savings Let’s assume a company has 400 clients in the region, 30 clients in its local region, and 20 clients nationwide. Suppose that every month you distribute 20 packages of encompassing volumes within the region. If there are 5 packages less than 10 kg within the region and 5 packages outside the region, you would need to:
    1. Hire a sales/delivery person to take care of customer visits and shipments. Assuming that they were hired part-time for 60 hours a month, it would cost you at least $600, including salary, benefits, and expenses.
    2. Choose a package forwarding service in the USA that makes the deliveries for you. Including the 60 hours to complete the deliveries (and assuming that it charges the by the hour at $12), the cost would total $720 per month.
  1. Cost of gasoline You should account for the cost of gasoline according to the miles/kilometers traveled. Suppose you completed 2,500 km/m of deliveries in total, making all the necessary routes throughout the US. This would begin to add up quickly and make a large dent in your profits. Instead, try using a parcel delivery service like OPAS to save on unneeded gas prices.
  1. Cost of repairs and maintenance of the company vehicle The use of company transportation and continuous exposure to weather elements, possible mishaps, or accidents can considerably increase the costs of repair and maintenance on the vehicle. Continuing with the hypothetical situation given at the beginning of this guide, with the indicated volume of shipments. With OPAS package forwarding from the USA, we guarantee the monthly would cost about  $200, which means a savings of more than $1000 compared to distribution with your resources.
  1. Possibility of expanding your business nationally and even internationally with overseas shipping Having a highly qualified overseas shipping company will allow you to reach locally and abroad. At OPAS, we work quickly, affordably, and maintain a streamlined operation that gets items shipped effectively. With OPAS, time and distance are no barriers. With OPAS international shipping agency, there are no limits!
  1. Improve customer service and brand image with OPAS international shipping agency For some years now, the percentage of people who buy online has increased exponentially which allows you to reach new markets of customers. Working with our international shipping agency gives you efficient service and an excellent way to expand your business.

    With OPAS package forwarding from the USA, your clients no longer need to worry about where their packages are, only if they get their shipment on time.

  1. Customer satisfaction is a crucial part of any company. One of the main factors in customer satisfaction is, “do not make them wait beyond reason.” Often clientele will look for a timely process of their request, making OPAS an amazing fit for your company’s shipping needs

Our parcel delivery service can play an important factor in your business and create a  speedy and effective communication flow between the client and you. To achieve a more efficient service, shipping companies have incorporated new, innovative systems to give you.

OPAS international shipping service offers express package forwarding, parcel delivery, and ship forwarding from the USA that allows you to track the order in real-time, stay in contact with the courier, and have control over delivery times.

Why OPAS is the best shipping company

OPAS is an efficient and innovative option for making deliveries to companies, people, or e-commerce markets. We are a service that makes use of the latest delivery innovations, making sure that your product reaches its destination on time and with ease. Choosing OPAS is a reliable, effective choice for any company looking to expand locally or abroad!

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