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October 21
02:26 2021 Explains What to Look for in an Online Ordering System

These days, just about every chain restaurant offers online ordering. Unfortunately, it can be hard for local mom-and-pop establishments to keep up, but it doesn’t have to be. All it takes to keep up with the competition is the right online ordering system. Local restaurant owners can learn how to choose the right system below.

Start By Identifying Needs

It may be tempting to reach out to vendors immediately, but according to, the best way to start the search for a new online ordering system is to think about the restaurant’s specific needs. Think about how many takeout orders are currently being filled, whether it makes more sense to pay commissions to third-party delivery apps or one low, flat rate, and how well-established the restaurant’s brand is currently. It should become clear fairly quickly that it’s worth working with a vendor like Revel Systems that offers comprehensive online ordering rather than a third-party app that charges high commission rates.

Ease of Use

When they check out iPad POS System: The 5 Best Options for Small Businesses, savvy restaurant owners will note that all the leading systems boast high levels of user-friendliness. This is a very important trait because if customers can’t figure out how to place orders online, they’ll continue calling them into the restaurant. Make sure the menu displays all the right information along with high-quality pictures and that the checkout system is seamless. Revel Systems is one option.

Multiple Payment Options

Just like every customer has his or her own unique food preferences, all of them also have different needs when it comes to payment methods. Working with a vendor that accepts multiple forms of payment, including all major credit cards, will reduce the workload for the staff by allowing everyone who places an order online to pay for it online. Of course, some customers will still want to pay with cash when they pick up their orders or receive their deliveries, and they should be allowed to do so.

Ability to Integrate

Most restaurants already use software systems for various aspects of their order, customer, and personnel management. Choosing a system that can be integrated with other essential software solutions makes it easier and more affordable to start offering online ordering. However, it’s still best to use an ordering system that has been specifically designed for that purpose than to rely on general, all-purpose software that includes online ordering as an add-on or accessory function.

Appropriate Pricing

Many small business owners assume they can’t offer online ordering because it wouldn’t be cost effective. While it’s true that it takes some time and money to get started, there are plenty of affordable options out there. Restaurant owners who aren’t yet familiar with the online ordering scene should check it out and look for options that are both affordable and effective before writing off online orders as being too expensive to use.

Get the Search Started

Ready to take customer service to the next level? It’s time to look into online ordering systems. All the major brands are doing it, and local establishments can’t afford to miss out.

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