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Latest Videos From Healthy Kidney Inc. Discuss Candy, Condiments and Kidneys

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Latest Videos From Healthy Kidney Inc. Discuss Candy, Condiments and Kidneys

October 22
19:56 2021
Latest Videos From Healthy Kidney Inc. Discuss Candy, Condiments and Kidneys
Healthy Kidney Inc., “Hope for Healthier Kidneys.”

WOOD-RIDGE, NJ, UNITED STATES – October 22, 2021 – From candy and kidney health to which condiments are the easiest on the kidneys, Healthy Kidney Inc. aims to educate with its informative video series.

Naturopath and nutritionist, Robert Galarowicz continues to use YouTube to educate the public about topics of interest to the chronic kidney disease community. With Halloween right around the corner, the topic of candy consumption is very much a hot topic. When it comes to kidney issues, diet can either help or hinder how well the organ functions. The right foods can ensure kidney function is preserved for as long as possible, while the wrong ones can completely accelerate its decline.

When it comes to candy and kidney disease, it comes as no surprise that extreme caution needs to be maintained. Candy, especially the kinds enjoyed by children (and their parents) on Halloween are loaded with sugar. This makes it particularly dangerous for people suffering from kidney issues as a complication of diabetes. For these people especially, it’s important to stay away from high sugar items. Depending on the kind of candy, there can also be artificial dyes, preservatives and other ingredients which are not really ideal, especially if kidneys are already struggling.

Chocolate, in particular has high levels of potassium and phosphorus which is not ideal for those with kidney issues. Dark chocolate, that features a high pure cacao content can be consumed in very small amounts, Galarowicz suggests no more than one row of small squares of chocolate and even then, only sparingly.

The connection between candy and kidney disease is further explored, with Galarowicz going on to talk about the best way for kidney health sufferers to still satisfy sweet tooth cravings while maintaining good kidney health. Stevia, the natural sweetener and sugar substitute derived from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana, has been used to sweeten recipes without the harmful added effects of excess sugar consumption for years. Galarowicz urges those in search of healthier alternatives to commercial candy brands to try their hand at making their own sweet treats using Stevia as the main sweetener. This would allow for candy that can be enjoyed (again, in moderation) but with relative safety to the kidneys and would also grant the added peace of mind of knowing exactly what ingredients are in the candy.

In another recent video, Galarowicz explores the correlation between food and kidney disease yet again, specifically choosing to delve into the world of seasonings, spices and condiments. These additions to meals can make bland food exciting and create varied palettes of flavor that keep dinner options from going stale. Of course, kidney health sufferers are no different in terms of wanting to enjoy their food, and oftentimes the restrictions imposed by a healthy kidney diet can cause significant distress to those accustomed to eating a wider variety of foods. The solution is clear, healthy kidney meals can maintain flavor while still being reimagined as kidney-friendly. The only thing that’s needed is creativity and careful analysis of food labels. One popular condiment that Galaraowicz proposes as a mainstay of the kidney health sufferer’s pantry is hot sauce. Although hot sauce is typically loaded with sodium, another taboo for kidney health sufferers, there are certain brands which are much more well-suited for those with kidney concerns. Aside from homemade varieties, Galarowicz recommends Tabasco brand and Cholula brand as they are among the lowest in sodium content.For more of the latest on the connection between food and good kidney health, be sure to subscribe to Healthy Kidney Inc.’s YouTube channel for over 200 videos about what kidney health sufferers can do safely and naturally to keep good kidney health always at the forefront.

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Healthy Kidney Inc is internationally known for empowering people with information that can help improve the health of their kidneys. This expert health information provides quality guidance on how one can provide care and ultimately optimize the health of their kidneys. Healthy Kidney Inc. strives to help people avoid problems that could lead to the worsening of their kidney health and provide them with the necessary information and suggestions for the recovery of their kidneys or kidney health management. Robert has personally gone through every stage of kidney disease, including kidney failure, two and a half years on dialysis, and is currently living with a cadaver kidney transplant for well over a decade.

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