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Augurisk Now’s Risk Explorer allows users to explore and navigate risks in the US

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Augurisk Now’s Risk Explorer allows users to explore and navigate risks in the US

October 26
01:06 2021

Nowadays, everyone is exposed to the risk of some kind. Today, not only are people moving into risky areas without knowing it or being prepared for it, but even when they know about the risks, they have no way of quantifying the level of danger there. Most importantly, they cannot look at the risk data and understand it fast. 

In addition to your daily commute, navigating through risks is a part of our routine now. Every time you decide where to live or about the best place for your business venture, you have to consider all the risks associated with it. 

It’s important to know all the risks you might face in your everyday life, especially when you have kids or pets. You have to educate yourself about any risk that presents itself on a daily basis so, whenever it happens, you’ll be prepared for it.

This is where  Augurisk Now‘s new Risk Explorer feature steps in to help subscribers visualize and understand the risk of every location they are interested in. Augurisk, a hazard and risk assessment company based in New York, announced this new feature for subscribers on its free mobile app Augurisk Now. 

This innovative feature is developed with users’ safety in mind. It allows them to navigate and explore all risks associated with potential natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and wildfires. Using its interactive map, users can take a look at nearby crime rates or quickly see what kind of natural disasters might affect their houses. 

This free mobile app allows subscribers to know exactly where they should live by providing detailed risk information. Also, the new feature helps them to keep their children away from hazardous locations and buildings, giving them more freedom while knowing what kind of risk they are facing. 

By finding out all the risks in a particular area, subscribers can make better decisions for themselves, their family, or friends. For example, a user from New York can see if he wants to relocate somewhere in Florida or California. Furthermore, Risk Explorer will tell how they can make their new residence more secure with the proper measures. 

The US is a hotspot for tornadoes and hurricanes. However, the Augurisk Now app helps users living in the US prepare for any disaster. The app takes the guesswork out of what to do in case you’re concerned about any disasters. It provides risk assessments on wildfires and earthquakes as well as air quality measurements in your area; it also lets you know when storms or floods are likely to hit so that you can get ready.

The rise of crime in the US is reaching a new peak, and people are looking for ways to protect themselves. One such solution is Augurisk Now app that notifies subscribers when there’s been an increase in reported crimes near their location. Mohamed Mezian, Founder of Augurisk, says that his company’s mission is to help people and businesses better prepare for the future.

With crime on the rise, Augurisk Now app is a simple solution that offers peace of mind. This feature allows users to take control of their safety and enables them to make better decisions for themselves. The Augurisk Now app provides risk information on both natural and man-made disasters, making locals feel more at ease knowing they have access to this kind of information. 

This innovative feature is the first of its kind and has been designed to be user-friendly so it can be used by everyone, even those who aren’t tech-savvy. Furthermore, Augurisk provides access to the county-wide risk assessment reports and top 10 most dangerous county rankings. 

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