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Walter Zapata Debuts New App Development Agency Focused on bringing businesses to the Digital Forefront

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Walter Zapata Debuts New App Development Agency Focused on bringing businesses to the Digital Forefront

October 26
07:09 2021
How apps have changed the way of business and why older business models need to adjust.

Apps are not only changing the way business is done, they’re also allowing businesses to change their side of the equation as well. By automating tasks that used to be tedious and time consuming, like manually filling out information for a clients appointment, to taking an over the phone order for food. All this is being replaced by having an app.

Small businesses may face challenges when it comes to marketing and branding as more people turn to larger companies. But as apps become an increasingly popular mode of technology, small businesses can make up for some of those disadvantages by having an app of their own.

In an age where technology is growing faster than ever, it’s now possible to do almost everything online. When it comes to modern technology, everybody is talking about apps. More and more businesses are going digital by creating apps for the various devices that people use everyday – including phones, tablets and computers. Businesses can create apps for a variety of reasons – from promoting their brand to increasing revenue. Here’s how an app could be a valuable tool for your business.

Apps have become the new storefronts and they’re changing the way business is done. Customers are using their smartphones to research products & services before making a purchase, and that contributes to increasing conversion rates . Creating an app can help reassure customers that the company they’re dealing with is legit, because they’ll know all the details before spending their hard-earned cash. When customers have peace of mind knowing they’re dealing with a reputable company, customer satisfaction increases.

Businesses are creating apps that not only get their products into customers’ hands but also create an interactive experience that ties into existing customer service infrastructure or gives brands more control over how they get sold.

As a result, many traditional brick-and-mortar businesses that made up the local economy are now disappearing as more consumers switch over spending their money on digital services offered by businesses that have their own apps. The best example in comparison to make is, take Sears and Amazon. Sears was the old antiquated way of doing business, Amazon is the new successful way of doing business, digital, online, always open, and with an app.

It’s safe to say in the midst of a major shift post pandemic. Businesses no longer need a physical storefront to thrive, and they certainly don’t have to be local. Any individual can now run a global business from their home office or while traveling abroad. All anyone really needs is an Internet connection, and a computer. And with some entrepreneurial initiative, together with the right idea and hard work, they could very well create “the next big thing.” Apps are changing the way business is done – allowing companies large and small not just to exist but also thrive while being accessible anywhere in the world at any time.

About Walter Zapata

Walter Zapata is the senior tech lead at App Kinneqx and Guiding Arrows with almost 20 years experience in the information of technology field. Including app development, web design, and business consulting.

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