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How to Choose the Appropriate Car Foot Mat

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How to Choose the Appropriate Car Foot Mat

October 26
15:34 2021

Bensen company focus on the production of automotive interior. Nowadays, the car mats on the automotive market are mainly divided into: chemical fiber mats, rubber mats, all-around mats and leather mats, etc. by material. Different materials of car mats, advantages and disadvantages are different.

Types of Car Foot Mats:

Rubber foot mats

The advantage of rubber foot mats is that they are resistant to dirt, easy to clean, and could be flushed with water. The disadvantage is that they have a strange smell and are easy to slide. Rubber foot mats used to be very popular, but in the process of use, it was found that rubber foot mats are more slippery and unsafe, plus there is a strange smell, if the product uses inferior materials, it will make the price lower , and more importantly, it will cause harm to human body. Bensen company selects environmentally friendly non-toxic raw materials, improve the technology to produce high-quality rubber foot mats.

Plush foot mats

Plush foot mats are characterized by good looks, more comfortable to use, soft to the touch, so often used by female drivers. But it is easy to stain and dirt, not easy to clean. Bensen company selected high-quality plush raw materials, on the basis of the original to improve the plush foot mats to keep beautiful at the same time more resistant to dirt.

Full-wraparound silk circle foot mats

Full surround silk circle foot mats are more popular in recent years, mainly using environmentally friendly materials processing and manufacturing, its characteristics are environmentally friendly and durable, non-toxic and non-hazardous, full surround. Design elements are more humane, and is now the most popular car floor mats on the market.

Linen foot mats

In the car mats market, the price of linen mats is the cheapest. Linen foot mats absorb dust well, but the stain is obvious, not easy to clean, in a humid environment when easy to breed mold, produce harmful substances to human body. Because of its non-waterproof and easy to breed mold characteristics, linen mats need to be taken care of from time to time, regular replacement.

Double-layer leather silk circle full surround car foot mats

The leather of this footbed is resistant to dirt and non-slip wear resistance is good, the version of the car fit is good, will not cover the gas pedal brake. Single-layer although beautiful and generous, but more recommended double-layer, more resistant to dirt and good cleaning. Bensen supports customized foot mats. Please confirm the model with us before purchasing so that we can confirm whether the foot mats need to be customized for that car model.

Michelin eco-friendly car foot mats

Michelin quality and quality control need not be said, if there are pregnant women and children at home, this TPV material is highly recommended. TPV material is characterized by environmentally friendly odorless, flame retardant effect is also better. The surface of the foot pad locking water is not easy to penetrate, clean up is also very convenient. The disadvantage is that the design is very simple and practical, it does not seem to have the same kind of senior sense of leather.

3M advanced lap silk car foot mats

3M big factory production, lap silk foot mats are characterized by the backing foam design to make the feet feel more comfortable, the bottom eight claw bite original car suede, good anti-slip. This car floor mats anti-mold performance and flame retardant grade, recommended black car mat and gray car mat, the color will look more advanced.

Audi leather + suede full surround car foot mats

The car mats are of high value and quality, and the imitation cashmere mats not only bring a sense of visual dignity, but also feel soft and comfortable, while the effect of sound insulation and noise reduction is also more prominent, the card position is accurate, and the fit to the original car is better. It is also the most luxurious car floor mats. In addition is the design of the car floor mats, the first is to consider the safety, that is, the car mats must be designed to ensure that the car does not interfere with the driver driving process of any driving operation, such as some floor mats are smooth, some automotive foot mats cover the brake and throttle, these foot mats are designed to have a security risk.

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