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Author Tisha Foster Announces New Book to Create Awareness for Stiff Person Syndrome

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Author Tisha Foster Announces New Book to Create Awareness for Stiff Person Syndrome

October 29
21:34 2021
The book discusses Tisha’s life before the SPS diagnoses, living with the condition, symptoms, and how she’s able to live with it through the support of her family and her faith

Author Tisha Foster is happy to announce her book titled “My Journey with God through Stiff Person Syndrome.” The book is about her journey with the diseases, her challenges, and how she’s been able to live with it with less pain and hope for a better future. Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) is a rare condition that affects only one in a million people, many of whom have to suffer so much to live daily.

Tisha narrates her journey from the years before she got the SPS to diagnosis, living and overcoming pain, and managing the disease, making it a highly resourceful book for people living with the condition and their family and friends. The rich insights explained in the book are without a doubt highly illuminating, offering a real story from a person who has experience with the disease and winning the battle.

Stiff Person Syndrome is unlike any other disease because it affects the patient intensely, with the neurological disorder featuring similar symptoms of an autoimmune disease. Some symptoms include muscle rigidity, excess sweating, walking difficulties, and hypersensitivity to light and sound. The first weeks and months after diagnosis can be overwhelming, and since it’s a rare condition, finding information on how to live with it can be challenging.

Being someone who has always wanted to help other people, Tisha Foster took the time to write this book to benefit others passing through similar challenges. It helps them understand the disease, symptoms, and its effect better and touches on how it affects those living around people with the disability. The author is an imaginative writer who makes perfect use of storytelling to narrate her experience and make it easy for readers to understand. Every page of the 136-page book has something unique to offer readers and people living with Stiff Person Syndrome, to help them believe more, fight the pain, and have hope for a better future.

To purchase the book, please visit Amazon.

More information on Tisha Foster can be found on her website  

About Tisha Foster

Tisha Foster is an author who’s committed to sharing her story and experience to help others. The Brooklyn, New York-raised lady loves adventure and is determined to live life to the fullest despite her condition. Her book provides helpful tips and information to help people living with Stiff Person Syndrome understand the disease so they can live a better life.

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