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The Dahlia Expert Now Offers Nationwide Shipping

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The Dahlia Expert Now Offers Nationwide Shipping

November 02
06:21 2021

Dahlias produce giant blooms that are full of beautiful colors. These flowers are perfect for any occasion and are a welcome gift for everyone. When purchasing dahlias, it is essential that individuals go to the experts. The Dahlia Expert offers dahlia tuber shipping nationwide, allowing individuals to grow their own beautiful flowers in their gardens. 

Dahlias Are One of the World’s Most Beautiful Flowers

Dahlias are incredibly beautiful and are one of the largest flowers in the world. They produce blooms that are five to seven inches wide. These flowers are available in multiple shapes and colors. Individuals will find Dahlias in reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, purples, and whites, among many others. 

Many people plant these gorgeous plants in their gardens each year because they begin blooming in mid-summer and continue through to the beginning of fall. Once these plants begin blooming, they produce a huge number of flowers that are perfect for floral centerpieces and bouquets. 

Dahlias Come in Different Sizes

Besides the many color options, people love dahlias because they are available in many sizes. The large five to seven inch blooms stand out as a beautiful focal piece in a bouquet. There are also medium and small blooms. The small blooms average around three to four inches in width. 

Smaller blooms are perfectly added to flower basket arrangements. Individuals may even choose to give a full potted plant of dahlias to someone they love. This is a flower that looks so beautiful it will offer a gift that is never forgotten. 

Tips for Growing Dahlias

Dahlia flowers are not difficult to grow, especially when a person purchases their tubers from The Dahlia Expert. The following offers some hints that will help new growers grow a plethora of beautiful dahlia blooms throughout the summer and early fall. 

  • Dahlias love the sun and need to have at least six hours a day of full sunlight. Make sure to plant them in a clear location where they can get a lot of sun. This is not a plant for shady areas. 

  • These tubers are perfect for zones three to seven. They can be planted in the spring and will begin producing beautiful blooms by mid-summer. For more information, visit

  • Dahlias grow their healthiest in loose, well-fertilized soil. Use compost and fertilizer when planting the tubers. Feeding should be done occasionally to help boost bloom production. 

  • Dahlia tubers can be planted in the ground in late spring, but it is important all threats of frost are past. These plants can also be started in a greenhouse around four to six weeks before the last frost. Plant them in pots that are at least six to eight inches.

Visit to purchase Dahlias.

Dahlias are not difficult to grow. For the work, they reward growers with bountiful blooms that grow in beautiful colors. Now is a perfect time to purchase tubers for planting in the spring.  

The Dahlia Expert is a family-operated farm with over ten years of experience growing beautiful dahlias. They ship tubers all across the country, allowing individuals to plant these hearty flowers in their own gardens. 

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