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C-Arm Rental by C-ArmNow Saves Hospitals Money and Offers Them Choices from the Best C-Arms in the Market

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C-Arm Rental by C-ArmNow Saves Hospitals Money and Offers Them Choices from the Best C-Arms in the Market

November 02
17:15 2021
C-ArmNow is a dependable provider of C-Arm rentals to hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, and veterinary hospitals in Utah and the rest of the United States. Its clients trust the company for timely and prompt deliveries for emergencies.

According to announcements released by C-ArmNow, its emergency C-Arm rental services are available for medical facilities all over the United States. Within 500 miles of Salt Lake City, customers in Utah can expect vascular and non-vascular C-Arms deliveries within 24-48 hours.

Hospitals often have to arrange for C-Arms at short notice because of a breakdown or malfunction in the existing diagnostic C-Arm. C-Arms are expensive machines, and purchasing one at short notice is not always possible. A rented C-Arm is the apparent solution because hospitals can get back to diagnosing conditions as quickly as possible through it. It lets them serve their patients appropriately. Hospitals can manage their cash flow better by renting out C-Arms; buying a first-hand or even a used C-Arm from the aftermarket can be a costly proposition, and the process may take longer.

The rented C-Arms are indispensable imaging machines for angiographies, orthopedic procedures, and emergency surgeries. The C-Arm model, software installed, the extent of upgrades, and the delivery destination location influence the cost of the C-Arm. Hospitals that rent mobile C-Arms can convert an emergency rental into a long-term one and also take advantage of the rent-to-own option provided by C-ArmNow.

The customer-friendly experts at C-ArmNow assist renters in choosing the most appropriate C-Arm for their needs. Brands available with this firm include GE OEC, Philips, and Siemens. The rented C-Arm allows medical centers to work with the C-Arm model of their choice to understand its operating costs, functionality, and durability.

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C-ArmNow offers daily, weekly, monthly and annual rentals on surgical C-Arms and mini C-Arm systems. Their rental programs are suited for clinics and hospitals looking for a temporary imaging solution while their existing system is down for maintenance or repairs. Customers can easily requisition a C-Arm of their choice by filling up the “Emergency Quote” form and providing us with the information requested. C-ArmNow can also help you decide on the best C-Arm for your requirements, given the kind of cases handled and the image intensifier and image resolution requirements. Non-emergency rentals require a 21-day lead time and a 3-month rental period, at least.

Benefits of the company’s rental programs for emergency and long-term rentals include flexible terms, system maintenance, tax benefits, rent-to-own programs, and system upgrades for long-term rentals.

C-Arms play a vital role in the clinical processes in hospitals. Surgeons can respond to emergencies much better because the images can be viewed in real-time and with excellent clarity. They can work on regular procedures with more relevant information. Complex surgical procedures can be performed with greater surety with the help of the information that C-Arms provide. These diagnostic machines are maneuverable and improve accessibility to all parts of the body for accurate scanning.

About the Company:

C-ArmNow rents out C-Arm machines for emergency and regular use. It operates out of West Valley City, UT, and ships to all parts of the United States. Facilities can choose from regular and mini C-Arms for vascular and non-vascular procedures. Rental plans can be customized to suit the medical facility’s requirements. 

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