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Saazlife’s review of The Plan By Dan Hollings – Bot Strategy Or Business Plan Training?

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Saazlife’s review of The Plan By Dan Hollings – Bot Strategy Or Business Plan Training?

November 04
05:21 2021
Saazlife’s review of The Plan By Dan Hollings - Bot Strategy Or Business Plan Training?
Report by one of the initial beta 1 students of ‘The Plan’, who recovered the cost of course in 2 months by using this ‘Do Nothing’ automated bot strategy by Dan Hollings.

Taking the world by storm is ‘The Plan’ training program by Dan Hollings. He has created a system with a specific set of rules and strategies which profits from market volatility. This system automates the process so the software makes intelligent and profitable decisions for you. The training program teaches you how to set up the automation called “bots” and implement the proven strategies. 

As in engineering, it is all about automating processes and creating systems that ensure maximum output with minimum effort. ‘The Plan’ utilizes rule-based strategies which are automated and this makes it priceless in terms of positive results without effort.

With ‘The Plan’, a bot trading software will make hundreds of transactions every day for the product pair you select. Every time the bot buys or sells, each transaction will make micro profits for you. Those micro-profits will range anywhere from 18-90 cents or higher. As the bot software is making hundreds of transactions every minute, the profits each day are multiplied and so the profits grow substantially.

The members of the Plan do not have to guess the price of your product. It does not matter if the market goes up or down, as the bots and the exact specific settings taught in the training program will make the decisions automatically to ensure profitability.

Traditionally the market has been very volatile and this system capitalizes on this fact. More fluctuation in the market results in higher profits from the bots. In five to six zoom calls, the students are trained on each step of setting up these automation bots, with specific rules and strategies which Dan has perfected in the past 3 years of studying this system.

The Plan ensures consistent results which are directly paid out to you by the minute daily. This is the most powerful outcome of this strategy: the profits are paid immediately. Unlike any other strategy, you do not have to wait to sell your assets or wait for months or years to reap the benefits.

‘The Plan’ training program has been in beta since June/July 2021, and the official launch for the official training is planned for late November or early December. The initial cost of the beta training was US$2,500 and the price for the official launch of the training program is anticipated at US$3,497.

Dan Hollings, who is the creator of ‘The Plan’, is one of the original pioneers of the mobile web and he has found a way to consistently make ridiculous profits (2X-10X) with the market volatility. He has created a training program that requires absolutely no experience. His process is different and it involves buying & selling minute-by-minute in an easy and automated system, which requires no input once set.

Anish Chatterjea is one of the early members of the Beta 1 group of students for the ‘The Plan’. Anish has published a very detailed report and review of the training program and his journey with the plan. Being part of the first beta group enabled him to share his experience and results. Regular updates of his results are also included in the blog.

Anish outlines his progress with The Plan training and walks through his experiences. He shares the profitable results as he implements the rule-based strategies taught by Dan Hollings. Having an engineering background, Anish’s viewpoint is based on the risk assessment of this investment strategy and ensuring the process is well structured.

The blog and report outline the breakdown of all his results with screenshots of the automated bots of how he profited 8% in just 22 days, which has grown substantially since then. Also included are regular updates of his progress during the market crash, and how his profits still kept getting paid directly to his wallet every day like a vending machine.

Further speaking about the course, Anish said “As an engineer and an entrepreneur, my initial opinion about ‘The Plan’ was that it is a great growth strategy for individuals, but now I am convinced that this is a true passive source of income for any business”.

Currently, Anish’s portfolio using the Plan is making over 23+% average in profits, with just four automated bots and he was able to recover the cost of the course, which was $2500, in under two months.

If you are interested in this training program, which launches in late November, join the VIP waitlist, so you can be the first to know when it launches: Join the VIP Waitlist

Read Anish’s full review of The Plan by Dan Hollings: Review of the Plan by Dan Hollings

Anish’s email for any queries: [email protected]

Having an engineering background and being a serial entrepreneur, Anish believes in the acceptable risk assessment for his businesses. His methodology is to analyze, evaluate and create simple yet effective processes which can be repeated to get desired results for business and personal growth. Similarly, opportunities also require similar scrutiny to ensure that the probability of success is high. He doesn’t aspire to make just a living, he aspires to make a difference by sharing his journey as an entrepreneur.

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