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Things to Remember When Buying Brown Paper Bags – An Expert’s Advice from Bagitan Packaging

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Things to Remember When Buying Brown Paper Bags – An Expert’s Advice from Bagitan Packaging

November 04
09:57 2021

Choosing the paper bag for their store often seems trivial to most people. Of course, most people tend to pick the cheapest brand they could find and just buy those in bulk, but it would not always guarantee a happy customer. The quality of the paper bag could determine if a buyer makes another purchase from the store or not, as there are often cases of bad packaging ruining the products they were supposed to protect. And in these cases, one might ask themselves: “What makes a good paper bag, and which one should I get from the store?”

Bagitan Packaging is an expert in paper bag production and distribution, highly regarded as among the top manufacturers of paper bags in China. They have worked with popular brands both internationally and domestically. As such, they are more than willing to show interested readers what they should be keeping an eye out for when purchasing their brown paper bags wholesale.

Why Switch to Paper Bags?

The effects of pollution on the environment have become exceedingly more alarming in recent years. Plastic waste, in particular, has harmed both land and marine life alike, filling up landfills and ending up in the ocean. They are extremely difficult to get rid of too because of their extremely long lifespan. That is why it is important for businesses to start adopting a more eco-friendly approach to production, and a part of that step is the use of sustainable packaging. Paper bag manufacturers like Bagitan Packaging obtain their raw materials through sustainably managed forests and recycle discarded paper waste whenever necessary. As technology improves, the debate between the pros and cons of paper vs plastic bags becomes more favorable for the former, as means of producing cheaper and stronger paper bags become more accessible.

What Makes up the Bag?

It’s obvious that paper bags are made out of paper, but oftentimes they’re not very similar to the kind of paper that is found in the office. Kraft paper is the most common type of material used by manufacturers and tends to be among the cheapest as well. They are made of chemical pulp from wood chips that have undergone the kraft process, which gave it its distinct name. The structural integrity of these bags is directly proportional to the density and thickness of the paper in grams per square meter or gsm, so it is highly recommended to check it when buying kraft paper bags wholesale.

Recycled paper is also a common material, wherein instead of wood chips, used paper is the main ingredient used. These two types of paper are often combined in order to produce durable eco-friendly low-cost paper bags. Wax paper bags are used for food packaging, especially for oily foods like fast food. Airsickness bag manufacturers, on the other hand, utilize a special coating to make their bags more resistant to moisture.

Handles, Bottoms, and Add-Ons

Settling with an ordinary paper bag is acceptable, but it may not be the most optimal for a business. Making use of different kinds of handles, bottom types, and other add-ons can maximize the value of a single paper bag and even help the business grow. Paper bags with handles come in four common types: twist paper handle, flat paper handle, die-cut, and rope handle paper bags. They all serve a certain niche. For example, paper bags with rope handles are popular among wine sellers because of their high weight capacity and elegant look.

As for the bottoms, remember that pinch bottom bags are best used for smaller items, as flat bottoms would generally hold up better under heavier contents. An example for an add-on you can apply to your paper bags is a plastic window. Brown bags with window packaging are perfect for bakeries and the like because they give customers and passersby a good view of the product while they are being carried around. With this, the transparent window of the kraft bag essentially doubles as promotional material.

Adding Personal Touch

When purchasing kraft bags, wholesale manufacturers often give customers the choice of customizing their bags using print and color variations. Not only does this make the paper bag more appealing, but it also helps customers identify with the brand more. Having the logo of the business in each paper bag means reaching out to more customers and helping the brand stand out among its competitors in the public’s eyes.

Choosing the right paper bag is important not just in ensuring that the products get to the customers’ home in one piece, it also helps in keeping them engaged with the business, other than through the product itself. It is an opportunity for business owners to experiment with the way their brand is represented, and capture the attention of their target demographic. Whether it’s for purchasing paper bags in the local store or getting bulk paper bags made in China, hopefully, these tips have been useful in introducing business owners to the wonders of paper bags.

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