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People Exercise to Improve Their Heart Health

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People Exercise to Improve Their Heart Health

November 05
04:24 2021
People Exercise to Improve Their Heart Health

With all of the stresses in our world, taking care of your heart is more important than ever. But so many of us fail to find the time to give the proper attention to our cardiovascular health. Here are several ways to improve your heart health that can fit seamlessly into your day.

How Much Exercise Is Enough?

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, 150 minutes of aerobic exercise per week is necessary to ensure a healthy cardiovascular system. While this can sound daunting on the surface, 150 minutes divided by five days is just 30 minutes per day. Studies have shown no difference in the health benefits between exercising 30 minutes at one time or splitting that up into smaller sessions throughout the day. The professionals at Carolina Cardiology Associates can help in setting this up.

Try Keeping Things Fun and Enjoyable

Making physical activity a regular part of your life may be a lot easier than it seems. The key to a long-term commitment to any exercise plan is to find an enjoyable activity. Choosing an enjoyable activity will make exercise appear like something you “get” to do versus something you “have” to do. Starting slowly and building up endurance over time can also help with long-term success. For any questions about vascular or cardiac care, contact

Where Should I Start?

When choosing an activity to start the journey, why not choose something simple? This advice can be beneficial if you happen to be new to exercising or haven’t been able to use your muscles for a while. A 15-minute walk on most mornings of the week coupled with another 15-minute walk in the evening would meet the 30-minute recommendation. Over time, as your body adjusts, the pace, distance, and time can all be adjusted based on a person’s comfort level.

Experts recommend eventually adding moderate to high-intensity, muscle-strengthening to the routine a couple of days per week. This can include activities such as brisk walking and swimming. The exercise should be performed at a level that will increase your breathing but not increase it to a point where you can no longer have a conversation. For any questions about possible overexertion, contact

You Don’t have to do it Alone

Exercising as a family or finding an exercise partner can work wonders for staying on track. An exercise buddy can increase the commitment to your goal and push you to step up your game a bit. A partner can also help you to stay engaged with the activity and make it more difficult for you to quit. If your chosen activity involves walking or jogging outside, exercising with a buddy can help to keep both of you safe.

Getting enough physical exercise can help the body in ways that go beyond improved cardiovascular health. According to the American Heart Association, increased physical activity helps the body to feel better overall. It also assists with improved thinking, and a good night’s sleep can even improve your mood. 

Carolina Cardiology Associates specializes in Cardiology and Vascular Surgery. There are three locations for your convenience in Rock Hill, Lancaster, and Fort Mill. Email or call 803-324-5135 for an appointment.

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