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Justin Roger Wall: A UK-Based Entrepreneur Makes A Massive Pledge To A Local School To Save Art in Thailand

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Justin Roger Wall: A UK-Based Entrepreneur Makes A Massive Pledge To A Local School To Save Art in Thailand

November 08
21:46 2021

Everyone knows that Art is a conduit of emotion and a reflection of society. It is a mirror of People’s collective consciousness. The world is filled with images that bombard us from every direction, from advertising to the news, from social media to television. Art is a vital antidote to this assault of imagery, providing humans with a more enriching way of connecting with one another and the environment around. Art inspires people to be better humans and helps them to become more aware of ourselves and others. 

Art is the expression of the soul, and it is the treasure people leave behind for future generations. Art is a universal language, and it has the power to heal and connect people. But there’s a problem – all over the world, art is under threat.  

What Just Happened? 

Justin Roger Wall, a Gloucestershire-based entrepreneur, has donated $10,000 to a local art school in Thailand. This donation will go towards supporting education for students at this premier art school. Wall said he was impressed by the college’s efforts to help young people develop their artistic talents. 

The money will be used for scholarships for outstanding students in the fields of fine arts and performing arts at the college and to provide assistance to new, returning, and continuing students in the areas of tuition assistance, scholarships, and grants. 

The school will use the money to purchase new equipment and resources for the art students. Justin Roger Wall says, “The donation is part of my ongoing commitment to giving back and supporting community projects and charities.” 

Art and creativity have been an important and integral part of human society for thousands of years. Throughout history, art and creativity have evolved and expanded with each new generation to touch the lives of people all over the world. 

Justin is an art lover and believes that art is important for everyone. If anyone wants to be successful in life, studying arts will give them the edge. The donation is part of Justin’s continued efforts to give back to the community. 

Justin believes that art is a way of thinking, a way of looking at the world. It’s a form of knowledge, communication, experience, and imagination. Art affects us deeply. It touches our culture, our sense of identity, and our view of the world.  

Justin Roger Wall is a British entrepreneur who runs a successful company in the UK. He is a philanthropist who donates to various charities and actively participates in charity events. 

He believes that art is dying because it has been removed from the hands of the people who need it the most, the artists. It’s time to change that by helping artists reach their audiences, by giving them more control over their work, and by supporting them directly. 

Justin Roger Wall also thinks that art is dying, and we should help artists and art schools. He desires that art get back to the essence of art: creation and expression of one’s self and not just about investment.

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