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NFT Originals making way for NFT artists from all over the world, features most sought-after artist Amanda Osioway

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NFT Originals making way for NFT artists from all over the world, features most sought-after artist Amanda Osioway

November 12
16:03 2021
NFT Originals has come up with a fast evolving gallery of highly curated NFT artworks created by talented NFT artists from different parts of the globe.

EDMONTON, AB – November 11, 2021 – The NFT art trend is fast gaining traction, drawing in rising participation from the art and design world. One of the latest to join the NFT art bandwagon is NFT Originals, a new rising NFT-exclusive art gallery which features curated NFT arts created by NFT artists from all across the world.

The gallery is open to all kinds of NFT art and painting forms.

In an exclusive interview, the leading spokesperson from NFT Originals shared that they are extremely positive about the rapidly rising NFT art trend and believe that it’s here to stay. Resting on blockchain portals, NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are digital tokens which are linked to assets, such as a painting or photograph, which can be purchased, traded or sold. Given its “Non-Fungible” property, a NFT artwork is always exclusive and can’t be swapped with an equivalent value.

“We are excited to be a part of the fast rising NFT art world today. One of the best parts about NFT art is the ethos of ‘exclusivity’. Every artist desires ‘exclusivity’ for his or her creations and the NFT technology is able to address the need like no other, courtesy its non-fungible nature. At NFT Originals, NFT art is the face of the future art world and we are thrilled to be a part of the new dawn”, stated the spokesperson.

Per the statements of the spokesperson, they are driven by the vision to create a broader exposure for talented NFT artists before art connoisseurs and collectors from all across the world.

“A good lot of promising talents are joining the NFT art world and we wish to empower them with a gallery of possibilities. Our in-house team works very hard to curate the most amazing NFT artworks from artists all across the world to ensure a phenomenal art exhibition and collection experience for the art collectors.”

Speaking on, the spokesperson stressed that one of the most sought-after artists featured by their gallery is Amanda Osioway. Based in Canada, the popular artist has recently forayed into the NFT world with her latest September collection, “Minds-Eye-Art”. Amanda’s paintings stand out with her novel use of shapes, splashes,  lines, and color- that altogether develop a unique collection where each artwork has a story to tell to viewers. Amanda believes that all her artworks echo the inner beauty that people hold within themselves, irrespective of their condition or background. She perceives her art as a means of emotional and spiritual communication that reflect the various inspirations she keeps on gathering over time. 

“Amanda is one of our most sought after artists making waves in the digital and NFT world. Her combination of photorealism, abstract, whimsical, and composite makes her art absolutely one of a kind, which we are well certain will be turning heads really soon to auctions all over the world.  Her style is completely transformative and combines multiple underlying questions and scenarios to every piece. Her vision is to change the world one art piece at a time with endless stories of beauty. Are we convinced these original, extremely talented and creative artists will rise above those already…? Absolutely and fast… we are honored to showcase this talented Canadian that is already changing and challenging the world with her masterpieces.”

NFT Originals is looking forward to featuring more numbers of NFT artists in the coming months.

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