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Austin-based Tenneyson Relaunches as New Plant-Based Alcohol Alternative

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Austin-based Tenneyson Relaunches as New Plant-Based Alcohol Alternative

November 12
18:36 2021
New non-alcoholic beverage line targets consumers looking for an alternative to alcohol with a bold flavor profile

Austin, TX – November 12, 2021 – Tenneyson, is re-launching as a new, plant-based (better-than) alcohol alternative. Formerly a craft spirit brand, Tenneyson is now targeting the quickly emerging space between functional beverages and alcohol alternatives with the support and energy of a new team. 

The Tenneyson team consists of Managing Partner, Graham Wasilition, who leads the brand with co-founder Michael Bumgarner. Michael is also the founder of Cannuka, a better-for-you skincare line. 

“Coming from the alcohol industry, the team at Tenneyson has a unique lens on why it’s so important to push social boundaries on alcohol consumption. We feel it’s mission critical that we support consumers who are focusing on their physical and mental well-being and provide them with a worthy alcohol alternative,” said Graham Wasilition. “That’s why the body imagery you see on our materials is more than just a brand, it’s at the center of who we are as human beings, literally and figuratively. We know beneath it all we all have beating hearts, inquisitive minds, interconnected systems, and flexible muscles – Tenneyson hails those similarities via our mission to support inclusivity, combined with body and mind well-being.”

Tenneyson is a complex, botanical drink that nourishes the mind and body without the harmful impacts of traditional spirits. Unlike other non-alcoholic alternatives, Tenneyson does not mock the flavors or effects of traditional liquor categories like whiskey or gin, and instead charts its own course. Introducing a fresh and bright take on what liquor or an aperitif could be, this better-than-alcohol alternative can be sipped either on its own, or fashioned into no or low-proof cocktails with a bold flavor profile. 

Black Ginger is Tenneyson’s first and flagship flavor that will be rolling out this Fall, supported by ‘better-for-you’ botanical ingredients like dandelion, lemon balm, black pepper, bergamot, yerba mate leaf, grape seed, gentian root, and the terpene beta-caryophyllene. Tenneyson has no added sugar, no caffeine, no artificial flavors or colors, it’s low calorie, gluten free and is vegan-ish (*responsibly-sourced honey).

For the re-launch, Tenneyson has partnered with creative powerhouse, jeffstaple, who is the founder of renowned streetwear brand Staple, and creative agency Reed Art Department (RAD), to build out brand messaging, design and visuals. Jeff, with his expertise in creative branding and his personal preference to not drink alcohol, and the RAD team are guiding Tenneyson to bridge the gaps of mind, body and spirit.

Consumers choosing not to drink alcohol are eager to mark moments with something more than sparkling water or club soda, creating a growing demand for spirit alternatives. Based on Nielsen 2020 data, cited by a Distill Ventures report, there is nearly 506% year-over-year growth in the no and low-proof spirits category since 2015. This intense growth can be attributed to a combination of mainstream interest/adoption and the public’s re-evaluation of old, wellness related, habits after spending a year at home during unprecedented COVID-19 lockdowns.

To learn more about Tenneyson ( or follow them on social platforms @Tenneyson.

About Tenneyson

Co-Founded by Graham Wasilition and Michael Bumgarner, Austin-based Tennyson re-launched as a non-alcoholic brand in 2021.  Tenneyson is a complex, botanical drink that nourishes the mind and body. Learn more at

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