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Psychic Medium and detective Troy Griffin featured in “Tiger King 2”, asked if he knows where Don Lewis is?

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Psychic Medium and detective Troy Griffin featured in “Tiger King 2”, asked if he knows where Don Lewis is?

December 04
01:48 2021
Famous psychic medium and investigator Troy Griffin has reportedly made big progress in the Don Lewis disappearance case in Tiger King 2.

Los Angeles, CA – December 03, 2021 – As the world tunes into a new season of Netflix’s Tiger King 2, and the investigation continues, a psychic detective, Troy Griffin, is there to help solve the disappearance of Don Lewis. 

“Tiger King 2” focuses on the mystery surrounding Don Lewis, the missing husband of Carole Baskin, who disappeared from their shared Florida property in 1997. 

As a psychic medium and investigator in this case, Griffin  is being portrayed in a way  that gives viewers the impression that his investigation was fake and made for television. 

In Griffin’s words –  

“The reality is that this is a real cold-case where Don was declared deceased in 2002. Five-years and one-day after his disappearance the Florida courts petitioned to declare Don Lewis deceased under the state’s five-year statue. Meaning that after five-years of someone missing in Florida, you can ask the courts to rule on the missing deceased. This brings up the question of – was Don Lewis murdered? If so, who, why, where, when, and will justice be served if so.” 

Speaking on, Griffin said he fell ill while investigating the case in Tampa. 

“I tend to fall ill when I encounter something that’s kind of evil. And when it happens, I have visions of pictures, places, and things. I suddenly turn extremely emotional and see clear pictures of the incident that happened or/and the person(s) involved. When I was investigating the location where Don ran his businesses, I felt something like ‘bad juju’ leading me into an emotional breakdown.” 

In his investigation along with the amazing investigative work completed by the production company of Tiger King 2, Griffin’s answers on the death of Don Lewis have led to major discoveries, bringing a conclusion to Griffin’s investigation which is not shown in the show.

Griffin believes in his gifts but also admits the fact that a lot of people are skeptical about his work. In fact, growing up, he had to hide his psychic gifts for the fear of being ostracized by the Christian community, family, and friends. But, when he realized that his psychic gifts can help a lot of people, he embraced them like God’s true blessings.  

“God gave me this gift. I didn’t create it on my own.”  

Today, Griffin is widely recognized for his work across the world. As a psychic investigator, Griffin has worked on cases throughout the United States, Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia, and other countries.  

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