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Renowned business growth strategist Tiana Burse empowering entrepreneurs to incorporate revolutionary web 3.0 in business

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Renowned business growth strategist Tiana Burse empowering entrepreneurs to incorporate revolutionary web 3.0 in business

December 04
02:09 2021
Tiana Burse is a leading business consultant and entrepreneur who is committed to help businesses to pivot, scale up, and grow their brands as per the changing advancements in the market.

Sacramento, CA – December 03, 2021 – The 2.0 web is soon to become a thing of the past, making way for the breakthrough Meta 3.0 web. The recent development demands entrepreneurs to upgrade their businesses at par with the futuristic concepts of 3.0 web, lest they might lose out their presence in the fast evolving world. Leading branding expert and business growth strategist Tiana Burse is helping businesses to scale up as per the changing trends here through incorporation of web 3.0 into their marketing and business model.

Tiana is a serial entrepreneur and widely acclaimed business consultant who has helped several businesses to scale up, grow, and dominate the market. She is the co-founder of highly renowned consulting company, District Media Press and the dynamic creator of the popular Facebook Watch show Hustle Season.  

In an exclusive interview, Tiana shared that the Meta 3.0 web will revolutionize how we all interact with each other and how businesses interact with their customers. And,  as a dedicated and professional business consultant, she  is committed to help brands upgrade their businesses as per the latest changes in the industry to help them establish a thriving presence in the market.  

“The latest Meta web 3.0 that is already making its way into our world with NFT’s, Crypto Currency etc,. It’s about time for entrepreneurs to level up the bar and think proactively  on how they can add web 3.0 into their marketing and business model. No doubt it’s going to be a challenging task for them to incorporate these futuristic concepts but they can’t let go of this opportunity. And I will guide them here to adapt with the state-of-the-art Meta web 3.0 and scale up their business in the fast changing world”, stated Burse. 

Per her statements, it’s extremely crucial for businesses to upgrade their businesses as per the new advancements in the market. She mentioned about the businesses that missed the 2.0 web era and how they went out of business during the pandemic lockdown. 

“The internet moves at a warp speed and it’s mandatory for businesses to acquaint themselves with the changing trends in the virtual space. A lot of businesses missed out on the 2.0 web era that made way for platforms  like Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay and Shopify etc. Businesses that did not add their products to those platforms were unfortunately put out of business during the recent lockdown period. It’s going to be the same thing with the latest Meta web 3.0. Thus, it’s extremely vital that businesses get ahead of the ever growing meta 3.0 web before more businesses miss out on the opportunities that exist.” 

As a veteran business consultant for 15 years, Tiana Burse has helped several brands to elevate themselves and make a lasting impact in the industry. She is also a sought-after speaker in the contemporary corporate world. Given her impeccable ability to generate results, she has been acknowledged as one of the top entrepreneurs by esteemed platforms like BuzzFeed, Thrive Global, and so on. She was also recently featured on multiple prestigious platforms like Yahoo Finance, Entrepreneur Magazine, NBC, CBS, Nasdaq, and more. 

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