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Author, Corkey Mabrey Reveals His Life’s Struggles In I Got My Halo

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Author, Corkey Mabrey Reveals His Life’s Struggles In I Got My Halo

December 08
18:10 2021
Inspirational true life story on how amid so many life struggles Marbrey emerged victorious and received his halo

Author, Corkey Mabrey goes inspirational with his book, I Got My Halo. I Got My Halo is an inspirational story that tells of how Corkey was able to navigate through so many struggles to emerge victorious and receive his halo.

In 84 pages, Corkey takes readers through his life experience beginning from his early life in West Virginia and all that molded him to the person he is today. Readers will also get an in-depth insight into his younger years and how he dealt with so many adversities. “Trouble always comes your way, and through adversity, we become triumphant. Sometimes in life, I do believe the Lord allows Satan to toy with our everyday struggles in life-me being no exception to heartache and struggle,” says Corkey.

In I Got My Halo, the author also shares how each of the struggles prepared him for another role in life. The book covers topics on discernment, deliverance, dealing with bipolar disorder and other trials and tribulations. Readers are taken on a journey to see how despite the accidents and failures the author experienced, he was able to receive his halo and discover the true purpose for which he was born.

I Got My Halo was published in February 2019 by Xlibris US and it is currently available for purchase on Amazon in different formats. I Got My halo is available in Kindle version for $3.99, on paperback from $15.99 and $24.99 for hardcover edition.

About the Author

Born in a small town of Bluefield, West Virginia, Corkey Mabrey grew up with five brothers and five sisters, In the town with a population of about 20 thousand, Mabrey had quite an interesting childhood. Although his family was poor and didn’t even own a car, Mabrey and his siblings grew up with unconditional love and affection. Despite his many challenges from childhood, Mabrey grew up triumphantly and now has an Associate Degree in Aerospace Equipment Technology which is equivalent to Industrial Maintenance Degree. The author who spent twenty years in the Air Force received an Honorable Discharge and went ahead to spend many years as a maintenance mechanic. The sixty-one-year-old who is currently retired understands that he made it this far through the help of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who never gave up on him

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