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Matthew Mitchell Presents Happyface® – The most comfortable massage face cradle ever made

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Matthew Mitchell Presents Happyface® – The most comfortable massage face cradle ever made

December 09
01:20 2021
Happyface is an American company founded and led by Matthew Mitchell, a revolutionary inventor, and creator of the Happyface Massage Face Cradle.

Happyface is the latest and most important innovation in the massage therapy industry.This heart-shaped face cradle was designed by Matthew Mitchell, a reputable inventor, and designer who wanted to address the issues of discomfort and pain caused by traditional massage face cradles:

“After being hit by a drunk driver, I needed months of intensive massage therapy to heal. But the discomfort from the face cradle got in the way, so I made a better one.“

Matthew also emphasized the importance of having a face cradle for massage, pointing out the benefits of safety and convenience they offer:

“I believe massage face cradles are like yoga mats. There’s no reason to share them with everyone else. People around the world are bringing Happyface with them, taking their  self-care to the next level.“ 

Each Happyface is made of high-quality PVC material, featuring a soft blend of polyurethane foam and a full Velcro® bottom. Matthew imparts that Happyface is easy to keep clean, very simple to own, and takes just seconds to place on either a massage table or chair. Massage Therapists love having their clients bring Happyface with them and note there is no inconvenience or delay.

The exquisite yet functional design of Happyface offers optimal support, but more importantly, using it is painless. Traditional massage face cradle massagers cause unnecessary pressure on eyes and sinuses, smear makeup, and cause congestion, while Happyface was purposefully designed to avoid these pitfalls. 

The portability, compactness and carrying bag that comes with Happyface make it an ideal companion for traveling tourists and people who want to get the best massage anywhere in the world. It was specifically made to be portable, and it can fit all massage tables and chairs. As vouched for by countless professional therapists who’ve used it, Happyface has also helped numerous wellness clinics and massage studios improve their client base and gain a substantially higher following. 

Happyface has been excitedly received by satisfied customers. Linda C, a Massage Therapist of 30 years, imparts that Happyface has helped her business tremendously, stating:

“My clients all love it. In 30+ years as a Massage Therapist, Happyface is the most innovative product I’ve used.”

Sasha C, a Massage Therapist emphasized that the brand’s product is both practical and convenient, stating:

“Clients don’t have to constantly adjust the face cradle and they don’t get lines and creases on their face, especially on the forehead. Great product, I love it!”

Happyface is made in the United States after Matthew’s twice-patented design. 

More information about Happyface can be found on the brand’s official website.

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