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ERA INFINITY: It includes Blockchain Games in the NFT Metaverse and will Make an Overall Change

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ERA INFINITY: It includes Blockchain Games in the NFT Metaverse and will Make an Overall Change

December 30
21:45 2021

2021 is an extraordinary year. Under the influence of the epidemic, the global economic may undergo a radical change. With the development of the metasurverse, the concept of “metasurverse” is once again hotly discussed. At the same time, the keen-eyed bigwigs from all walks of life have long started arrangements in the game industry which may become the first breakthrough for metaverse development.

ERA INFINITY: It includes Blockchain Games in the NFT Metaverse and will Make an Overall Change

Beyond the traditional property of entertainment, ERA INFINITY has realized surreal metaverse civilization

ERA INFINITY is a decentralized plus NFT game economic system developed based on NFT card game on Dapp through the application of NFT cards, DAO autonomy, era collateral mining and other modes, which also combines the background and characters in ancient Greek.

ERA INFINITY aims to build a surreal metaverse ecological civilization through a highly open project, in which users can digitally entertain, socialize, compete and earn money with virtual identities and in a remote way, with different consequences for each participation.

Compared with traditional game developers, ERA INFINITY R&D team focuses on people and aims to gradually transform games from a mere time-killing entertainment tool to a part of players’ daily life, even work, and to digitally energize players’ passion and emotion, which will make the world vivid and also breaks the limits due to space and distance through the Internet, thus creating more eternal value. It is known that the technical team of Facebook also provides corresponding support for game development.

Hot bookings of NFT games

NFT is full of possibilities, which have obviously not been fully explored. Especially in the field of games, the NFT games led by ERA INFINITY may bring players a new experience.

First of all, these games are fun, which is the core and the significance of the game.

In terms of playability, ERA INFINITY is a war simulation game combining a ground background in ancient Greek and characters. Compared with other chain games of the same type, ERA INFINITY has more NFT assets, with more concrete and imaginative operations on the in-game assets, which is also more aligned with traditional game players.

In transition from the physical world to the digital world, ERA INFINITY’s original intention is to introduce tactile sensation into the virtual space and provide a better and more engaging way for us to connect with others. In this regard, ERA INFINITY team is also developing a highly decentralized and digitalized world. It is believed that in the future, every second of every day in the world will be recorded on the chain, based on which ERA INFINITY will keep using cryptocurrency, Web3.0 and together with NFT to turn this idea into reality and realize the true decentralization of the metaverse.

Highly transparent Chain Game

At the beginning of ERA INFINITY’s governance tokens design, 98% of the tokens are designed to be obtained only through participation in the game and consensus methods, and a complete multiple destruction mechanism is applied as well. As market value management comes back to players, community autonomy is forming, and all the addresses, contracts, etc. are public and open source to achieve true transparency and equity. The following is the relevant information.

ERA INFINITY: It includes Blockchain Games in the NFT Metaverse and will Make an Overall Change

Contract address: 0x2aB22d0dD12AE967ad7A6CD08AddE48f15E60aDB

Output of mining 98%: 0xFDD3bfDD5C7475Ff38FB63e11349c8b554D9E6bE

Foundation/Laboratory 1%(lock up for five years): 0x0A4A2A74a0805cc7bf6571E18B59F5EF15bb0f95

Technical support from the Facebook 0.2% (lock up for five years): 0x213f560B2fADa39a00e98cdde4626E81cF8F2c90

Marketing and Sales 0.2% (releasing by stages): 0x641B0aDf6b88138E7A5e83CdC6CF0f9fF8AE9172

Liquidity pool and market value 0.6%: 0x33e3Cab8D9C8C1fb47265f3C1e247B1Cb0a145B9



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