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Solar Entrepreneur Rohnit Grewal shares insights on India’s ongoing transition to solar

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Solar Entrepreneur Rohnit Grewal shares insights on India’s ongoing transition to solar

January 08
02:54 2022
Solar energy in India is slowly replacing emissions from coal and making renewable energy accessible to homes across the country. Xolar India is on a mission to see to this shift.

In the last decade, solar power in India has gone from non-existent to taking over the space and even almost replacing coal. Efforts to popularize the use of renewable energy all over the world have been stepped up, and in India, many solar entrepreneurs have taken up the mantle. Rohnit Grewal, the founder of Xolar India, is among solar entrepreneurs revolutionizing this space in India.

Solar India has become a reliable source of power for many homes; granted, electric energy is not readily available in all parts of the country. With the advances made in solar, India is now showing other countries how to utilize natural sunlight for solar power. The country has also fought through the maze of pushback from the coal industry and giant red tape barring the solar industry. According to Rohnit Grewal, solar energy is the future, and it is encouraging that many solar entrepreneurs are fighting to ensure the survival and continued growth of the industry.

The growth of solar power use in India can therefore be credited to the efforts of companies like Xolar India. Pioneer companies laid the groundwork for solar in India, and entrepreneurs like Rohnit Grewal are infusing innovation and technology into the space. Grewal acknowledges that the industry has battled many issues, and thanks to those perilous times, the sector stands stronger now.

Grewal explains that Xolar India is a passion project created to make solar energy accessible to all and educate the masses on the importance of solar as well as the benefits. Solar power is convenient and affordable; that is why even low-income homes can afford solar installation.

The growth of solar entrepreneurship in India has greatly helped put India on the world map as far as renewable energy. Long before the ongoing transition began, India invested many years researching Renewable Energy Technologies. Grewal says that Xolar India is founded on this research and aims to build on these technologies. Solar power is indispensable as it is the best source of green energy with zero emissions, that way, India is solving its power problems and preventing further pollution.

India is the third-largest emitter of conservatory gases, a concern that has plunged the country into a conundrum. Economic progress is tied to energy, and the only way to keep the country’s economy growing is to find alternative energy that will help Indians drop their dependence on coal and opt for sustainable energy.

Xolar India is investing time and money into solar solutions in India and with the hope of expanding its services to other parts of the world. Grewal notes that there is still a lot of ground to cover, but the country is headed in the right direction. He adds that the world stands to benefit significantly by investing in natural energy sources.

In addition to championing the solar power movement in India, Rohnit Grewal is also active on social media, especially Instagram. His page showcases his passion for fitness and adopting a healthy life all around. Grewal combines the two passions in his life to keep focused and motivated in every stage of his journey.

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