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Should One Trim Wigs The Same Way As Hair?

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Should One Trim Wigs The Same Way As Hair?

January 14
15:22 2022
Should One Trim Wigs The Same Way As Hair?
Yolissa Hair

Human hair wigs are an easy way for clients to change their looks.Or sometimes women want to change a new look on an old unit. A good way to customize a wig is to do a haircut. So women probably wondering: should I trim wig in the same way as own hair?


The answer is Yes. All human hair wigs are made of 100% virgin hair, which is cut directly from the donors, just like our own hair. That means fashion girl can trim and style as hair, no matter women are wearing a lace wig, including a closure wig and frontal wig, or a non-lace wig, like a U part wig and headband wig, etc. In this blog, we will offer some tips about how to trim wig as hair.

Of course, the easiest and convenient way is to make an appointment with favorite stylist to do the customization. But as the Covid is going forth and back, especially Omicron is spreading, it is not a good option to come to a salon. So need to know some simple ways to trim fashion girl wig at home. Like people own hair, people can cut it into short bob styles, add more layers, make a bang to get the most natural-looking.

Before getting started trimming wig, it is important to have the right tools, like scissors, thinning shears, rattail comb, spray bottle with water, clips, wig head, pins, wig brush, etc. Even ladies are not a professional wig stylist, ladies can use those quality tools to make the good hairstyle ladies want. Now ladies have got all the tools ready, let’s get started.

How To Cut A Wig Into A Bob?

If women are tired of long wigs and want to try a short wig style, need to consider it carefully before do it. Cause the wig is not like our natural hair, which can grow on its own. Once the wig was cut into short hair, it won’t recover. But if women are ready, it is not difficult to turn long wig into a cute short bob wig style.

  1. Part the hair in the way need it to be styled
  2. Straighten the hair with a flat iron for an even cut.
  3. Separate the hair into 3 sections: two sides and the back.
  4. Use rubber bands to secure the hair at desired hair length.
  5. Cut straight long underneath the rubber bank with sharp scissors.
  6. Brush the hair and fix the bottom hair to make it more natural.


Short Bob Wigs

If women are not confident to change the long wig to a short bob wig style, can also choose short bob wigs directly, Yolissa hair offer straight and curly bob wigs hairstyles with 8-16 Inch human hair. Cheap short natural black bob wigs and short 613 bob wigs are also available with high quality. Fashion girl can choose what need directly.

How To Trim A Wig Into Layers?

Layered hair is always one of the most popular hairstyles among medium length wigs, so If fashion girl are happy with the over length of wig, but want to have a different look, it is time to use thinning shears to do it.

  1. Put the wig on the stand or wig head and part the wig as like.
  2. Use a spray bottle to wet the hair and comb it to remove tangles.
  3. Determine the layer position.
  4. Hold and secure the top section with clips.
  5. Grab a small section from the middle section to cut and squeeze
  6. Continue processing the rest hair in each layer.
  7. Remove the clips on the top section and repeat the layering process.
  8. Comb all hair and make additional trims to look more natural.

Medium Length Wigs

If fashion girl have a limited budget for the wig, a long wig is always at a high price, but the bob wig is too short, so people can choose a medium length wig, it is also called shoulder wigs, which is usually from 14inch to 22inch. The perfect length can offer natural-looking, Yolissa Hair offers different medium length wigs, people can choose regular Swiss lace and HD lace. People can trim the wig into layers with no pity caue of the addordable price.

How To Trim Bangs On A Wig?

Cutting bangs is one of the easiest ways to achieve a new look. People need to consider face shape before trimming bang on wig. Regardless of are square face, round face, or heart shape, can always find a perfect bang for hairstyle. To trim bangs, People can either put the wig on a wig head or wear the unit.

  1. Gather the hair over the forehead ladies want to cut.
  2. Put the back hair into a ponytail.
  3. Wrap a hair tie to the length of bangs like to be.
  4. Cut just below the hair tie.
  5. Comb the tie and comb the bangs.
  6. Trim with shears to make small snips to suit hope.

Straight Wigs

If ladies want to trim bangs in wig, then a straight wig will be perfect choice. Straight wigs are one of the most popular types of hair. Wearing a straight lace wig can save time and money because it is very easy to style and do hair care. Straight hair needs less processing than curly hair, it also can last longer than curly hair.

Yolissa hair hopes this blog can help to get a well understanding that ladies can trim the wig like hair, and also how to trim the wig to different look need. Or if ladies have any other good ideas, welcome to share them with us.

So now, why don’t get a human hair wig to try different hairstyles? Yolissa Hair offers various collections of wigs with full lace wigs, lace frontal wigs, closure wigs, and so on. As all of our hair is 100% human hair, ladies can trim the hair like hair. Come with us, fashion girl have a chance to get high-quality at the most affordable price.

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