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Celebrating With 7LuX: Pride Month 2022

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Celebrating With 7LuX: Pride Month 2022

June 09
16:03 2022
As June is Pride Month for celebrating the accomplishments of LGBTQIA+ individuals and the community, the 7LuX NFT project announces to stand with everyone to support equality and diversity.

“We love to see you being proud of yourself no matter what your story is, where you are from, or who you want to be,” says TeamLuX.

The 7LuX’s first NFT collection has 20,000 NFTs (LuX) that are created to challenge people’s experiences and perceptions of luxury. By introducing their unique concept called “New LuXury”, 7LuX also presents the significance of different cultural practices from around the world. 

Angerry Chan, 7LuX’s Illustrator shares that “The concept ‘New LuXury’ is the combination of two principles, which are the perceptions of luxury we’re familiar with and the delicate details we’ve put together in creating each LuX. We ambitiously work on including the values of diversity and community into more than 1,600 hand-drawn traits.” Then she adds, “each trait portrays elements of cultures from 50 countries that we’ve combined the concept with the true beauty of humanity, which is the human difference, as it is the world’s perfect creation.”

Since the Stonewall Uprising event in June 1969 in New York City’s Greenwich Village, there have been many sexual-diverse citizen rights organizations and movements formed all around the world in empowering awareness of sexual diversity and violence against non-traditional relationships and individuals. The month of June was chosen to be the time of Pride celebration for everyone to commemorate years of struggles and determination in fighting for LGBTQIA+ equal rights. Nowadays, it is a colorful and joyous event in which everyone comes to appreciate each other. 

“Just take a moment to realize that we’ve come a long way since the uprising of 1969”, TeamLuX adds. “From this movement and to drive the 7LuX community, we want our LuX to be an inspiration of freedom in being whoever you want to be as LuX has no gender and has various colors. Each LuX is different, just like us, humans.”

To show their support for LGBTQIA+, 7LuX will change all their social media profiles to the LuX logo with a rainbow-pattern background. Plus, they are going to share their advocacy that each person is beautiful in their own way. They open up that “we’ve intentionally wished to drive the power of human diversity since the beginning of our project and we will continue to celebrate Pride as we are not doing it for only every LGBTQIA+ out there but also for every one of our team members’ diversity.”

The celebration of Pride Month in 2022 will surely create another meaningful impact in society by shining the spotlight on visibility and inclusivity for all. Stand up. Stand out. Stand proud.

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