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How to select the Lighting of the Office Space

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How to select the Lighting of the Office Space

June 09
17:06 2022

Office is the place where people work, therefore, good lighting for office areas is really important. Providing a simple and bright environment for employees can not only improve work efficiency, but also spread the enterprise image better.

1. Proper Lighting Can Improve Staff Productivity

The human eye is a sensor of light and color. Human eyes can sense the intensity, brightness, illuminance, color index and other parameters of light, so it plays an intuitive evaluation of the lighting effect. Therefore, lighting is a very important part of office decoration.

The study found that the production of melatonin is affected by light, when exposed to bright light, melatonin production will decrease and people are getting excited, instead, melatonin production will increase in dark light, which can make people in low-spirit. Therefore, proper light of office is essential for staffs as well as the company.

Different office areas have different requirements for lighting design, involving the selection of lamps and lanterns, and their color index, illuminance and color temperature of the light source are particularly important.

1) Color Temperature 

In simple terms, the lower the color temperature, the warmer the color will be, which means the red color. Conversely, the higher it is, the colder it is, which means blue color. The working area is suitable for white light with a color temperature of about 5000K, while the leisure area is suitable for yellow light with a color temperature of about 3000K.

2) Illumination 

Illuminance refers to the amount of light flux of visible light received per unit area of the illuminated surface, 1LUX =1 lumen/square meter. In the case of the same area, the higher the luminous flux of the source, the higher the lumen value and the higher the illuminance.

Usually, the illumination of the office area shall not be less than 300lux. The average illumination in the non-working area should not be less than half of the illumination in the working area, at least not less than 200lux, and the illumination in the corridor should not be less than 150lux.

Choose the Right Lamps 

1) LED Batten 

Most office desks have a rectangular design, LED battens are best for this situation, and such light brightness is not dazzling, and the irradiation area will be equal.

2) Ceiling Lights 

Leisure areas generally choose Ceiling lights, the main function of the light is soft, which can let people feel relaxed.

3) Modeling Lamps 

Tea section or coffee section can choose this kind of lamp, different shapes of lamps can provide another moment of leisure and relaxation.

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