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Joggo Founder Explains 3 Largest Mistakes New Runners Make

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Joggo Founder Explains 3 Largest Mistakes New Runners Make

June 09
21:55 2022

Running isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. Getting out the door and down the street once is easy. Building a sustained running routine that positively impacts a person’s life is a bit more complicated.

Joggo’s founder Chris Zibutis weighs in on the three biggest mistakes new runners make and why Joggo – a platform for new (and veteran) runners to improve their run and maintain a healthy, active, and mobile lifestyle – can effectively correct these rookie mistakes.

What are the main three missteps?

Zibutis further shares his insights on the topic.

1. No Personalized Training Plan

Everyone needs a plan built around their needs. “Running apps usually give only tracking information, but not a plan. Beginners need a personalized running plan,” says Zibutis.

“ evaluates users’ physical activity level, age, BMI and sometimes even provides a walking program at first. Also, results are evaluated every 2 weeks – after asking if it was too difficult or too easy, the program’s intensity is changed.”

2. No Stretching, Warm-Up, and Cool-Down

Getting off to a good start and finishing strong are key to consistent running success. Why is stretching so important?

Zibutis says, “Stretching keeps the muscles in the body flexible so that the muscles and joints are at their fullest range of motion. Most doctors also recommend that individuals warm up before stretching and running.”

Waking up the body is crucial, according to Joggo’s owner. “Muscles respond better to the stress the body puts on them when they’ve been warmed up. Because of this, provides all the warm-up and cool-down exercises a body needs for before and after a run to better keep muscles flexible and not feel stiff.”

3. No Motivation

Motivation is the most likely culprit for quit runs and broken dreams. Zibutis elaborates, “Our team discovered from a recent survey of 1.3 million users that 44% of beginner runners don’t stick to running because they lack motivation.

Zibutis further explains how to combat low morale: “Beginners could find friends to run together, rock out to some music, reward themselves after, ever heard of a runner’s high? As runners hit their stride, their body releases hormones called endorphins. Pop-culture identifies these as the chemicals behind a “runner’s high” or a short-lasting, deeply euphoric state following intense exercise.”

In addition, 27% of users in the Joggo team’s survey mentioned that they’re overeating (or choosing unhealthy foods) after their run. This will eventually lead to slower progress and a general loss of motivation.

About Joggo

Joggo was designed specifically to help its users avoid the pitfalls of starting a running routine. Not just a run tracker, the app has implemented a reward system when after the run, the user is rewarded with points that bring them to the next running level. is a running training app that helps runners fall in love with their run, reach their goals, and get the endorphins flowing. Joggo’s features include:

–  Personalized running plan
–  Educational content on running and healthy lifestyles
–  Engaging reward system
–  In-house specialist consultations
–  Runner-inspired meal plans

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