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Diana Onayssi: Wael Fares’ latest art piece

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Diana Onayssi: Wael Fares’ latest art piece

June 09
18:23 2022
Diana Onayssi: Wael Fares' latest art piece
Diana Onayssi: Wael Fares’ latest art piece
The face model Diana Onayssi turned heads once more last May as the face of Archibaya’s latest 2022 collection of unique pieces, ornaments, and gems, during the Riyadh International Luxury week by the Arabian Expo in the KSA, exhibiting the renowned jewellery designer, Patricia Hajjar’s, latest splendid work.

The newly instated event aims to offer global jewellery and watch brands an incisive gateway to the Middle East’s largest luxury market, allowing the world’s most desirable designers and high-end jewellery manufacturers to promote and showcase exquisite craftsmanship, unique creativity, new collections, and exclusive launches.

The beauty’s stunning looks promoted, paralleled and emphasized the ornaments and jewellery, bringing out the charm and elegance of every item and every piece, and cementing yet another important milestone in the model’s blooming career.

With a foothold in both the modelling and the make up scene, the spotlight that the latter has been receiving in both Lebanon and internationally throughout the past few years has made it a field of growing interest, and growing following, thus rendering it an even more competitive field to excel in.

With only a select few ever breaking through, those that do tend to prove themselves nothing short of exceptional at their craft.Of the few names that emerge from the crowd, the incredible makeup artist Wael Fares comes out as one such figure. With undeniable skill and ingenious artistic vision, which are clear to see in any of his works, Fares’ latest piece stands out from the rest: a collaboration with none other than the elegant and eloquent face model Diana Onayssi, the eccentric showpiece is exposed on public billboards for all to see, catching any passer-by’s eye with its avant-guarde, unconventional and peculiarly futuristic aspect.

Captured by the adept hands of professional beauty and fashion photographer Georges Saliba, Onayssi’s natural and undeniable charms were put forward, accentuated by Fares’ masterful assiduity to detail, the entire piece was brought together as an attention grabbing, head turning advertisement advent, proving yet again the artful mastery of the Fares’ craft and the undoubted beauty of Onayssi.

Where will the model of growing repute’s path take her next? And can we look forward to another potential collaboration between her and makeup mastermind Wael Fares in the future? Though we certainly hope so, the chances of a reunion seem indeed bright, so we’ll be sticking around and awaiting whatever the pair have next in store for us.

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