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Providing Consumers with Quality Products & Services Becomes the Priority of Longsys

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Providing Consumers with Quality Products & Services Becomes the Priority of Longsys

June 09
19:24 2022

To ensure Industrial ddr4 udimm, Industrial ssd, and LPDDR4x quality, Longsys uses quality monitoring system to identify different grades and implement adequate production-level screening processes.

Shenzhen Longsys Electronics Co. Ltd is committed to accessing business prospects for Chinese suppliers and abroad customers, introducing one-stop facilities for increasing global trade between the two sides as a inclusive service platform. Longsys has grown into one of the most comprehensive and dependable web addresses for international trade. Our high-performance and high-endurance Industrial ddr4 udimm, Industrial ssd, and LPDDR4x have revolutionized the industrial and enterprise computer scene.

We take pleasure in being at the cutting edge of memory and storage manufacturing technology. We provide innovative features and valueadded solutions that protect data integrity, give a dependable performance, and extend usage to help you get the most out of your investment.

Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they operate competently and last in the most demanding business and industrial applications. Testing capabilities span from IC level testing to assure reliability, module-level testing to ensure entire module operation, and mass production level Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) testing to establish 100 percent confirmed reliability at the MP scale.

All DRAM and Storage Products are subjected to a series of Functional and Reliability Tests to guarantee that the products meet the criteria agreed upon by Longsys. The client requirement and provided services, solutions and products are compatible with a variety of host environments. We ensure that our products are continuous of excellent quality and meet our customers’ requirements. DRAM products are also thoroughly tested, including the PHY and controller and meta/mapping and data caching.

The goal of providing consumers with the most excellent quality products and services is at the heart of our process ownership. We can manage every critical point of the production process by retaining control of the primary stages and ensuring that components are assessed, tested, and verified with the utmost care. It gives us a distinct advantage and flexibility in meeting customers’ unique needs and the security of our brand.

We can meet your Industrial ddr4 udimm, Industrial ssd, LPDDR3, and LPDDR4 needs thanks to our top-of-the-line engineering support skills. DDR4 has characteristics and functions that are well-suited to improving bandwidth capacities to keep up with the development of online traffic.

We are destined to make it easier for registered members to place, accept, complete, manage, and fulfill orders. One of the site’s assets is its international scope, based on a diverse set of global information sources.

Our products are designed, manufactured, and tested in-house, using cutting-edge technology and world-class engineers, allowing us to respond to and adapt to customer needs quickly. Customers can access our exclusive technology and resources, allowing us to oversee every aspect of the production process to ensure quality and product longevity while lowering costs.

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