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“Systematic Land Theft,” New Book Release by Jillian Hishaw, Founder of F.A.R.M.S.

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“Systematic Land Theft,” New Book Release by Jillian Hishaw, Founder of F.A.R.M.S.

June 10
19:55 2022
Agricultural Lawyer and Author Writes About the History of Land Theft in the U.S.

South Carolina – June 10, 2022 – For 20 years, pioneering agricultural attorney Jillian Hishaw has committed countless hours and resources to protecting small, rural independent farms — particularly the shrinking acreage owned by aging Black farmers.

Systematic Land Theft is the proud recipient of the “National Indie Excellence Awards,” based in California. Systematic Land Theft is a well-researched book that extensively documents the history of land theft in the Black and Indigenous communities after European settlement in the U.S. Notably, on average in the Black community 30,000 acres in land ownership is lost per year. The need to protect Black owned farmland was ignited based on Hishaw’s own family farm loss.  Prior to her birth, the Hishaw family loss their family farm due to a dishonest lawyer stealing the money.

Instead of paying the property taxes owed on the farm, the lawyer that the family hired stole the money given to him in confidence and the land was later sold at an illegal tax lien sale without notice being given to her family.  According to Hishaw “the same situation that robbed my own family of our land are identical to many of my landowner cases I represent in and outside the Court.” 

To learn more about the history of land theft and the current struggle for Black landowners and farmers to maintain ownership you can purchase the book online at or at the following bookstores Harriet’s Books in Philadelphia, PA, Sankofa Books located in DC, the Dockshop Bookstore located in Fort Worth, TX, Malik Books located in Los Angeles, CA, and the Listening Tree located in Atlanta, GA.

Jillian Hishaw, is a MacArthur grant recipient, the Founding Director of the Family Agriculture Resources Management Services, or F.A.R.M.S., a legal international nonprofit organization that helps rural farmers and landowners retain land for future use of next-generation farmers. Hishaw’s first book, Don’t Bet the Farm on Medicaid, examines how U.S. long-term care facilities can exercise their federal authority to place a lien on a resident’s property, forcing the sale if an outstanding debt is owed.  To order the book please visit

“The book is really eye-opening regarding Native American involvement in slavery. I feel like I was briefed on a hidden history.” – T. Terry, Daughter of Black Farmer, Law Advocate

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