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Proleep’s Console ABS Cover Gen 1 Becomes a Must-Have for Tesla Model 3 and Y Owners

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Proleep’s Console ABS Cover Gen 1 Becomes a Must-Have for Tesla Model 3 and Y Owners

June 13
18:24 2022

Smudges and fingertips can do much to take away the premium feeling from one’s Tesla. Anyone that has dealt with such a problem in the past is likely aware of the fact that regular microfiber cloths simply don’t provide the level of clarity that most people expect. As a result, there is a need for a proper cover kit that is able to provide a truly clean matte finish.

Console ABS Cover Gen 1 is one such cover kit that has been designed specifically for Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. Proleep’s Console ABS Cover Gen 1 offers a clean matte finish, effortless setup process and unmatched ruggedness, thanks to the use of the ABS material.

The appearance of the Model 3 console wrap is able to seamlessly blend in with one’s Tesla, and thus doesn’t give the unwanted “add on” look that other kits might give off. In addition to this, the kit keeps the center console in line, allowing for a strong and undisturbed overall aesthetic.  While Tesla Model 3 and Y’s center console may look great at first, it doesn’t take long for it to immediately be filled to the brim with fingerprints, smudges and scratches. This can do much to ruin one’s internal look and aesthetic.

As a result, cover kits like the one offered by Proleep have become an absolute necessity for most Tesla owners. The Console ABS Cover Gen 1 has already managed to amaze quite a few people. It boasts multiple five-star reviews on the Proleep website, and continues to garner more. Proleep is pleased with the ease of use and look they have succeeded in offering their customers with their Model Y console wrap. They hope to continue providing further such optimizations that can help elevate the look of one’s Tesla to new heights.

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Proleep is built upon the motto of enhancing the experience. The company is a trendsetter when it comes to the Tesla accessories market. They provide customers with a world of innovation and excellence that is able to meet their exact lifestyle. Through their large array of products, Proleep’s many customers have been able to elevate their Tesla experience and truly accentuate their ride, turning into the symbol of luxury and sophistication that it should be. Proleep’s products are designed with looks and visual appeal in mind, but also pay close attention to convenience and ease of installation.

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