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Manifestn Life – A Complete Guide to Accomplishment and Manifesting One’s Dreams and Goals

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Manifestn Life – A Complete Guide to Accomplishment and Manifesting One’s Dreams and Goals

June 13
23:21 2022

The company helps others overcome their life challenges while manifesting their dreams.

A certified life coach possessing a wealth of knowledge with a B.A. in Psychology and M.A in Marriage & Family Therapy, Ky White is skilled at empowering others to improve their lifestyles and overall well-being through coaching. Her passion for social work began at a young age, and her goal is to become a life coach to help others achieve their dreams and improve the lives of many in the process. By utilizing her experience over the years as a social worker and her knowledge, Ky White has succeeded in establishing a life coaching business named Manifestn Life. Through the coaching, she assists people in overcoming their life challenges so that they can ultimately manifest dreams and achieve their goals.

Manifestn Life helps people accomplish their goals while running over any obstacle that comes in the way. As part of their mission to achieve goals while inspiring and motivating others, the company offers an array of services that help them mold into the best version of themselves.  Services include A New and Improved You, A Guide to Learning About Others, and Spiritual Rejuvenation. ‘A New and Improved You’ helps people change mentally, emotionally, and physically while overcoming any challenges of life. The service helps in changing an individual’s outlook on life and instills the importance of focusing on more important things in life, to stop people holding back from living a joyous, prosperous life.

“We all want to manifest the things that we want the most. But how does one succeed and accomplish this? I can help you learn how to manifest the things you want the right way. All it takes is initiative and the drive to succeed”, says Ky White.

Further, those who require assistance in making connections and maintaining friendships and relationships with others will definitely benefit from ‘A Guide to Learning About Others’. The service will help struggling people to connect and understand others from a positive perspective while assisting them in improving overall communication issues to overcome any relationship challenges. The service focuses on how people sometimes need to make some small amendments within themselves to maintain healthy relationships with others by strengthening their communication skills. The company also provides services for people grappling with connecting spiritually and needing help on a more spiritual path. The service called ‘Spiritual Rejuvenation’, is all about providing people with guidance on how to get back on track from a more spiritual perspective and finding the peace and serenity that has been missing from their life which has caused them to go astray.

In recent weeks, Ky White released a new book called ‘This Too Shall Pass: Conquering the Storm’ that discusses the challenges people face in their daily lives and can be purchased on Amazon.

As well as covering important topics and encouraging people to overcome difficult circumstances, the book offers spiritual quotes from the Bible to support each topic. Both her business and her book are aimed at helping people overcome obstacles they think they can’t overcome in order to live life to the fullest. Additionally, since Ky White has experienced adversity, she has discussed her issues and how she encouraged herself to overcome them and move on in life to help people connect with her situation. Further, the book written by Ky White also covers the topics of hopelessness, jealousy, forgiveness, deception, wasting time, enemies, how to handle trials during this pandemic, etc. Her difficulties of losing employment and a near-death experience during the pandemic ended up being an eye-opener for her. It urged her to see the world according to an alternate point of view, and right from that point, Ky White chose to serve the community by turning into a life coach to help other people emerge from their miserable life.

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