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People need a silk scrunchy to help them this summer

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People need a silk scrunchy to help them this summer

June 15
14:08 2022

The hot summer is coming. In this hot and deformed weather, what can I use to spend the summer comfortably?

The answer is: silk.

As the recognized “noble queen” in fabrics, silk is soft and breathable, with a cool touch, especially suitable for hot summer.

Summer is here, because of the heat, girls will tie their hair, but tying their hair for a long time will pull the scalp and cause headaches. Every time I take off the hair tie, I will bring a few of our precious hair with it.


Highly recommend everyone to use silk hair scrunchy! It is very comfortable to tie the hair without leaving any traces, and it will not pull the scalp. If it is habitually put on the wrist, it will not make any marks.

Staring at the computer at work, staring at the mobile phone after get off work, and staying up late at night to watch a drama… This is probably the current situation of many people. After staring at electronic products for a long time, how long have people not taken good care of their eyes?


If the eyes are not properly relaxed and rested, symptoms such as dry eyes, soreness, dark circles, large eye bags, and eye fatigue will follow over time.

Faced with various eye problems, many people first think of eye creams, eye drops, etc., but there is another artifact that may be ignored by everyone! That’s the mulberry silk sleepmasks.


In addition to the good-looking appearance of silk eye masks, silk itself has natural moisturizing properties. Some people call the silk eye mask “natural collagen eye mask”. The silk protein contained in it can not only hydrate the skin around the eyes, but also has a very significant effect on relieving dark circles! And the touch is comfortable and perfect, and the silky texture will not feel stuffy even in hot summer.

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